QUOTES: Riley and players post game quotes

Mike Riley and his players discuss their 27-17 victory over Washington Oct. 14, 2006.


General Comments: "You play one week at a time. We didn't really talk about it like it was the season on the brink because we are just going to play one week at a time. I know it's cliché, but that is really what's big for our team. I thought we put forth a great effort last week, and we weren't rewarded with it. And tonight it looked like the same way in the first half - just kind of giving them too many opportunities- but we kept playing."

On O-line and D-line play: "I thought they were outstanding factors in the ballgame tonight, which is the way it is going to be. I don't think (Washington) got a sack, and they have been having a lot of pressure on teams. I thought that, obviously, the run blocking was huge in the first half for us. So I thought that the offensive line and the defensive line were big factors in the game. "

On the 80-yard touchdown pass: "It was a great pickup on the blitz by the line, and I think that they just picked up their safety tremendously when he blitzed. Matt (Moore) stood in there and made a big play, and it was a big catch by Sammie (Stroughter)."

On Matt Moore's Play: "I thought he did a great job. I thought he overall just played very, very solid. I thought his poise was great, he seemed to make good decisions, and he really competed."

On Confidence Going into Next Week: "We'll see -- we are in another one week season. It was a tremendous example of endurance, and perserverence, and persistence. I loved it -- that's the main part of it for me. The execution was better, particularly in the second half, and the football was good that way. Those qualities are things that we had, but we had not executed with it."

On The OSU Coaching Staff: "The staff are very, very good football coaches. Those guys are very good and I think they work within our personnel very, very well with what the strengths of our guys are. They have added that technical defense that has added a spark to our team. They are very detailed, they are as hard a working people as you could ever get, and they are just doing a tremendous job for the Beavers. "

On The Passing Game: "We just had a much better game. We had more balls, we had deep balls, and that was good to see."

On Sean Canfield: "I really thought that he has had two really significant weeks of practice. It wasn't just me, but I really felt it myself - that this guy is ready. I didn't make it public, because I didn't want a lot of hoopla going into the ballgame, but we just said we would put him in at the start of the second quarter. It didn't look like such a great idea for awhile, but he is capable, very capable, and it is good for him to do that."



On the game: "It was great. We had some adversity and we didn't blink at all on both sides of the ball. We just kept playing and made some plays late in the game. We came out and took it to them in the second half, which was great, but it was an emotional rollercoaster. It was big for us to get a win on the road, and our first Pac-10 win is a big deal so we are pretty excited."

On his excitement after the second touchdown: "I didn't know we even scored because I got drilled. I had to ask Gunderson if we scored and I just lost it because I was so excited. It was a good feeling and I just let the emotions go."

On criticism during the week: "I obviously felt it but I just kind of shrugged it off. It's going to be there every week so you just have to keep playing. It's going to be there every week regardless of what happens so we're just trying to keep playing football and ignore that."

On the emotional impact of the win: "It was big. The first half I think we did some things like the interception that stopped a drive and they ended up scoring twice on us. We should have went into halftime up 10-3. It was scary. At halftime we came in and made some adjustment and just took it to them in the second half. I am proud of our guys."

On their first half performance: "On some plays I felt we were just beating ourselves. I think we were shooting ourselves in the foot and you can't do that and beat a good Pac-10 team. We fixed it and executed."



On his performance: "It was loud. I knew before the game that I was going to go in and start the second quarter. I just didn't see that backer and I would love to have that one back but the team came back and got a win so that is all that matters.



On their game plan for Stanback:
"It was just to be on the weak side, and just stay with him and then get back to my man."

On the victory: "We knew that we needed the victory. We had hard practices all week, and we knew that we had to come in and play our hardest, and get the victory and that is what happened."



On his performance and Yvenson Bernard opening up the passing game: "Yvenson Bernard is a work horse. We lost our identity a little bit during the past couple of games. We just wanted to go back to the idea of Oregon State football. We have a great offensive line and a great group of receivers that block downfield and a great running back that is a work horse.

On the importance of the win: "It helped a bunch. Every game is important now. You get to a point where every game is important. It felt like our last. We left everything out there. The defense did a great job and allowed the offense to gamble a little bit more. When the defense is right there, it allows the offense to gamble a little bit more.

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