The Wiseguy Weekly - Pac-10 Breakdown

Bleeda went 2-2 last week and the Wiseguy Weekly record now stands at 12-9 for the year and the bankroll is at $9040. This week guest handicapper SDBeaver will breakdown the Pac-10 games with me and help you make some money.

He has eighteen years of experience in the gaming industry and an extensive network of inside contacts. It is rumored he ran a small bookie operation out of his dorm room while at Oregon State. Also, some have speculated that he was involved with a point-shaving scandal in San Diego in the late 90's, but these are really just myths that cannot be proved.

This weekend in the Pac-10 there is two coin-flip games, a battle between the only undefeated team left in the conference and the Beavs, and a mismatch in Eugene as Portland State travels south to play the team with zeros on their helmets.


Washington State @ UCLA -1

SDBeaver: There's a slow-fuse burning in Brentwood, and clinching that time bomb with both hands is one Karl Dorrell. Let's all pray that UCLA wins this game so they execute another two year extension with this wax figure. Besides, WAZZU has neither Couged it or Doba'd once this year. It happens here. Final score: UCLA 20 – WSU 17.

Bleeda's take: This is a letdown spot for the Cougs. After coming off a huge win over the Floats they have to travel down to La-La land away from their comforts of boring Pullman. Like SDBeav said, the pressure cooker is turned on high in L.A. Coach Dorrell gets his squad ready to play for this one because the media and boosters all over his back and are getting heavier than Packy the elephant from the Portland Zoo. Bruins win by double digits and WAZZU might not even need to Coug it.


Arizona State @ University of Washington Pick'em

SDBeaver: If Matt Moore carved up UW secondary, what will Rooooody do? I better call Tyrone.....CALL UP! I like the better coach with a team that's already been to OZ. Final Score: Washington 24 – ASU 21.

Bleeda's take: The Sun Devils have the worst coach in the Pac-10 Dirk Koetter. Enough said. Field goal game just like San Diego boy told ya.


Portland State @ Oregon NL (no line)

SDBeaver: Jokesters in the clown outfits should be 4-3 right now and have a serious problem with physical teams. Fortunate for Duckfan Portland State is not physical. Final Score: Oregon 44 – PSU 17.

Bleeda's take: PSU will be outmatched, but this is a pretty good Big Sky team. Will the Ducks suit up regular GORDO? PSU gave highly ranked Montana a good game and last week crushed Eastern Washington 34-0. This game might be a lot closer than you would think. The Vikings have nothing to lose since they are expected to lose the game. They will be playing "balls to the walls". Another thing that will hugely factor in this game is that my boss' daughter, who is a cheerleader for PSU is back in the mix. She had her tonsils taken out three weeks ago and she is back in the lineup this week. The doc doesn't really want her coming back yet, but she's a gamer and doesn't want to miss this one.


#3 USC -12.5 @ Oregon State

SDBeaver: My heart is in Corvallis but my wallet is in Las Vegas. OSU is 1-6 ATS vs last seven ranked opponents with an average margin of defeat of 31 points and not one of those losses within 13 points. Final Score: USC 34 – OSU 17.

Bleeda's take: Trap game. Corvallis. Defense is on fire. Jucos have adjusted to D1 speed of the game and are making an impact. No Reggie Bush. No Matt Lienhart. No Lendale White. Toejams are plodding on offense. Forget the injuries, Bernard will play. The best play on this game is the UNDER 45, which is my pick. You could play parlay the UNDER and Beavs +12.5, but moneyline on the Beavers straight up will get you about 4-1 odds. In regards to the game, as Dennis Leary would say, "I'm high as a kite!" "Merry F#$%#@@%%ing Christmas!" Beavers win a thrilla' in overtime! OSU 24 – 17.

Be a Beaver Bleeder Believer Saturday! BLEEEEEEEEEEEEED IT!

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