Beaver Songs

Over the past two years, as the Beavers have been more succesful, Beaver fans have started to compose music about the football team. During the 2000 football season, a local Corvallis radio station produced a song. Recently, a Beaver fan e-mailed another song about the success of Beaver football.

To download right click on the "Download" link, choose "Save Target as...", save the MP3 to your desktop. Double click on the icon on the desktop and enjoy! Each of the downloads are well worth the wait.

Download the "Beaver Flag Song " by the Slug Kist Farm Boys (2.7 MB)

Thanks to the Slug Kist Farm Boys for sharing their song with us.

Download the "Beaver Song" by a local Corvallis radio station (2.5 MB)

If anybody knows the name of the radio station, e-mail me so I can give credit where credit is due.

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