TheInsiders Offers Fantasy Cup becomes the exclusive online distributor of the college football game produced by Fantasy Sports, Inc.

TheInsiders Enters Game Distribution
Agreement with Fantasy Sports, Inc.

Fantasy Sports, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Silverstar Holdings, Ltd. (NASDAQ: SSTR), and, the online sports network re-launched by Jim Heckman, founder of Rival Networks, today announced an agreement under which will exclusively distribute the Fantasy Cup College Football game on its network of more than 120 team-specific and college recruiting sports web sites.

The agreement brings the leading College Football Fantasy Football game to the targeted audience of avid fans who utilize the Web sites of network.

Jim Heckman, CEO of, said, "This agreement is the perfect marriage of the network we built over the past four years, plus its avid sports fans and communities, with the top fee-based fantasy sports games provider. Not only does this allow our users to play a top-notch fantasy game, they also will have at their fingertips all the crucial and inside information from our network that will allow them to flourish in the game. We think this is an exciting game for our users because there are no hidden costs, including no additional fees for trades, and great customer service. These features are in lock-step with our intention of providing users the best, most extensive and inside experience possible."

Greg Liegey, CEO of Silverstar Holdings, said, "This distribution agreement is a further step towards realizing Fantasy Sports' goal to establish itself as the leading fee-based fantasy sports games provider. We think this is an excellent agreement that will bring great value to both sides. With its superb network of over 90 team specific sites we feel that network offers us access to an ideal client base. We are one of the few full-service fantasy games providers with not only a completely interactive web site, but also a fully trained, toll-free, customer service center which is manned seven days a week, as well. Our full-service infrastructure and dedication to consumer service will provide a new level of enjoyment to avid College Football fans throughout network."

How The Game Works
Each participant will have a $10 Million imaginary spending budget with which to purchase eight Division 1-A football schools. Each school will be valued from a high of $2.225 Million for Oklahoma University down to a low of $300,000 for Army or Navy. Participants will score points based on how their schools perform in each weeks games. Participants can trade up to four of their eight schools every week at no charge.

The top 250 scoring teams will win overall and the top 100 scores win each and every week. All total there is more than $70,000 in cash and prizes awarded, including a Grand Prize of $10,000! The entrance fee is $99.95 and, as a special bonus, if you opt out of your mailings you will receive a second team absolutely free. The season starts September 7th and runs through the remainder of the 2002 season.

About Fantasy Sports
Fantasy Sports, Inc., founded in 1993, is one of the oldest and largest providers of predominantly fee-based fantasy sports games, accessible through their website at ( The company runs highly successful first half of the season, second half of the season and individual NASCAR race challenges, as well as a College Football full season challenge and a College Basketball Tournament challenge. Fantasy Sports' subscription based games also provide easy access for free play through the US mail.

About Silverstar Holdings
Silverstar Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: SSTR) is a publicly traded company, focusing on investing in businesses that stand to benefit from the economies of scale generated by Internet and other technology related platforms. It currently owns Fantasy Sports, Inc., a dominant provider of fee based NASCAR related and other fantasy sports games; as well as a 33% fully diluted stake in Magnolia Broadband, Inc., a company developing broadband wireless applications.

Based in Seattle, Wash., and re-launched in 2001 by Jim Heckman, the founder of Rival Networks, ( online sports network features the best college recruiting, college team, professional and high school team insiders in the country. Heckman's team, including the original Rivals CTO and core-engineering team, has partnered with Brian Kosar and Kosar Investment, Inc., and Doug Moore and Vulcan Media to provide the most extensive and inside sports content in a network also featuring next-generation online technology.

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