Coach and player quotes from Oregon State's 44-10 win over Arizona State Nov. 4.

Coach Mike Riley.
(On the game) “That was our most complete game of the season, and it came at the perfect time. Right now we're riding pretty high and that's what we have to keep working at to continue. I’m proud of the coaches and players for staying the course after all the excitement last week. Arizona State is a good team – I’m not just saying that. We just got on it from the start. We got momentum early and didn’t let up. We had an opening-drive touchdown, the defense made plays and we scored again. At halftime, I was thinking (ASU) was down 21-0 at USC and came back to tie it up. But in the third quarter, we stopped (ASU twice) and then had a 93-yard drive. That was the game, right there.”

(On focusing on ASU) "That was the story line, of how we were going to react after USC. And I’m proud of the coaches and players for staying the course. You can address and talk about it and explain the pitfalls in front of you, but you don’t know if you are over it until you play the next game and win it. We did that and that’s good.”

(On Bernard's play) “Yvenson made a couple of big third-down runs for us in the second half that were huge. If Clinton had been healthy, Ev might not have played the second half. Having him back was huge.”

(On Moore's play) “Matt is playing decisively, efficiently and competitively,” Riley said. “He is really competing.”

(On the defense) “Other than that draw, I wasn’t unhappy with the way our defense played the run.”


S Sabby Piscitelli.
(On the defense) “The biggest thing is being around the ball. The coaches preach that every day, all 11 players to the ball. People tip it and we’re right there to make the play. We’re flying around and making plays and that’s a good indicator the defense is playing well. Our front seven did a great job of getting to the quarterback. One of the first sacks, we were coming so hard (Carpenter) hit one of his own men and fell down.”

(On the game) "This is a great win for us. We needed to carry the momentum over into this weekend and not be cocky with it, just be confident and don't get a hangover from last week because that week was gone. I think we did a good job. We focused on Arizona State all week. We went out there and proved that today. We have confidence in ourselves. We know what we're capable of doing."


DT Curtis Coker
(On the defense) “Coverage and pressure are the two most important things on defense. They covered and we got sacks, we pressured and they got picks. That's your job. That's what they coach us to do. They coach us to get four-man pressure."

(On the team) “We are a totally different team from a month ago. We have an attitude and swagger about us. But there was also a fear of losing. I didn’t want to go from beating No. 3 in the nation to losing to Arizona State. We still work hard every day but now we expect to win. We're not one-hit wonders."


QB Matt Moore
(On the opening scoring drive) “We were three-for-three on third downs in that first drive. Third-down conversions just kill the defense. If we can sustain drives, keep their defense on the field and our’s off, that’s a big part of the game.”

(On rushing for 44 yards) "As far as the running goes, there was just green grass so I just kind of took off. A couple plays, (there were) some mishaps during the play and I kind of had to improvise a little bit. I'm just trying to keep the ball moving down the field, prevent sacks. I was just trying to get stuff going."

(On his shoulder injury) "I just came down on the shoulder wrong and got a little stinger. After 15 or 20 minutes it was cool again. No big deal."

(On the team) "We’re forming an identification for this team. It’s good right now, and we want it to get even better. The confidence level of myself and the whole team is going up every week. We just need to know to keep working hard and keep doing what we're doing. "Sky's the limit for this team. If we keep playing ball and practicing the way we do, it's going to be fun later on this year."

(On his improving play) "That is because of the 10 guys around me. The offensive line and the receivers have been playing awesome.

(On playing at UCLA) "All the personal stuff with me, that was last year,"

(On possibly not taking ASU seriously) "With a win like the one we had over USC, guys can get big-headed and don't work hard. It’s tough, when you have a win like that, guys get big-headed and you don’t work during the week. That was a big issue for us. We all spread the word and coach Riley made a big point about it. We made sure we stayed the same team, that we kept grinding, kept going and stayed the course."


RB Yvenson Bernard
(On the game) “A win is a win. It doesn't matter what our previous record was. Today we got that win, that's all we worry about. We have a swagger about us now, but in a good way. The coaches are keeping us humble. Guys around the team and people around us told us to stay humble because if we lose today it would look bad. We know we have to work for what we get. It just proved to us that we can play football and last week wasn't a fluke. If we had lost today, it would have looked bad.

(On the rest of the season) “We know we need seven win. We feel good right now. We just want to get bowl-eligible first, but we can’t worry about that. But with the way we are playing right now, we can win the rest of the games.”

(On his ankle) "It felt good to play, but pain-wise it wasn’t the best. It didn’t feel great after the game and I don’t feel great now. There’s a little pain, but you just have to play with it. Last year I played in worse pain. Thursday is when I knew I could play. I tested it out and felt a little pain, but it was pain I could play with.”

(On coming back in the second quarter) “I thought I was done, but they told me they needed me, so I had to do it for the team. The offensive line did a great job. Some of those runs, I just laid on their backs and I just followed them. They took me for a ride.”


TE Joe Newton
(On playing better) "Every week it seems like I get a little bit faster and these last few weeks I feel l like I've really gotten my speed back. I can run like I used to be able to."

(On the game) "We focused on working hard and doing what we do in practice. If we come out and play the same game we did last week we'd be fine. There was a lot of pressure, but we did a good job of overcoming that. Right now, we’re riding pretty high. We just have to work to continue the momentum we’re building.”

(On Moore's play) "The offense revolves around the quarterback and when he plays well it puts us in a great position to win. He's played four great games in a row and I look for him to keep that up."

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