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BeavaBleeda was on hiatus last week traveling the west coast Grandma's chapters. He was doing some accounting and auditing work aka "strong arm collecting."

The previous week guest handicapper SDBeaver had his moment in the spotlight only to crash and burn with a 0-3 record. It must be noted that San Diego Beaver was on the Trojans and Bleeda recommended the moneyline for 4-1 payout odds. Some would say I was insane in the membrane when I made that pick, but now I'm a genius.

This weeks' picks are courtesy of Mr. UoweDucks. He is an active Pac-10 handicapper and so far this year he has a record of 38-23 (hitting 62%). You can read his weekly breakdowns in the college football forum at the, just go to I invited him to Civil War, but he says after the Joey5Pick game he will never return to Corvallis. Anyhow, I digress. Let's now move on to my luxury suite story and the picks.

Last weekend Bleeda and his wife were fortunate enough to experience the luxury box. And I have to be honest with you, I wasn't really impressed. Sure, if you want to wine and dine a client there is some advantages to these seats, but as far as the true college football experience it's not quite the same.

I did manage to slug down about six beers and a couple of chili dogs in the first half so I can't really complain too much, I guess. Well...wait a minute I can!

I caught myself looking at the television screen way too often instead of the field, my peripheral vision of the entire field had some minor obstructions, and they ran out of Bridgeport IPA! What really bothered me the most is that I wasn't in the trenches. I felt I couldn't really yell at the top of my lungs or make any type of excessive noise or lewd comments to the opponents and referees like I usually do.

I wasn't in the open air and I wasn't in the pouring rain. Most of you out there are saying to yourself, "Bleeda, you enjoy standing in the rain?" Yes, my friends I do. In the second half we went down to our seats in the pouring rain and I enjoyed every single second of it. High fives were flying in Section 119, shots of Jack on touchdowns, and yells of "This is our house!" or "Not in our house!" Lately, a couple of us have developed an infatuation for the whole house thing.

Just think if we could actually put beers in those cup holders we have in those new east side seats? Now, ask yourself this...why can the luxury suites and club seats have alcohol and not anyone else? Is it because they are indoors? Ever heard of plastic bottles? Is it because they donate more? Attention Bob! Attention Bob! Most of your hardcore fans and most loyal beaver believers can't afford the club or box seats or like Bleeda don't necessarily want to sit there all the time. Reno (UNR) can do it! Why not Corvallis? I digress once again, but definitely an issue for the Athletic Department to ponder.

Now on to a couple PAC-10 picks and breakdowns courtesy of UoweDucks. I will also release my BCS bowl prognostications that were completed at 1:36 am this morning.

Oregon State -2 @ UCLA.
I like the Beavers again this week. Matt Moore is as hot right now as any quarterback in the PAC and the Beavs are playing with confidence. I said a few weeks ago that they would win out until they got to Hawaii and right now I still believe they will. The OSU defense has come alive since early embarrassments and rank second in the conference. UCLA's offense is mediocre. Bruin fans are more concerned about who their next coach will be then beating the Beavers. I stick with the hot team here. Bet is in.


I would be all over the Cougs here if they didn't just lose their top two offensive players for the year. Wide receivers Bumpus and Hill were lost during the Arizona game. Brink has been very good and very bad this year but without his top two targets I suspect there will be a serious drop in his offensive output. WAZZU has a good defense that should come out fired up after last week's performance. They should do well against the SunDevils who wilt when they get hit in the mouth. I am on the under 51 here.


Bleeda's BCS Bowl Prognostications:

Bleeda's side notes: The Toledo coach is a very fat man. Rutgers vs. Louisville will be another great Big East Thursday night matchup. BYU is 8-1 against the spread, while Fresno State is 0-8. The Pac-10 really has only nine teams this year. A playoff system is probably still about a decade away. Who cares! I love bowl games!



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