Keys to the UCLA game

It's GAMEDAY, BABY. Sorry we missed you last week, Beaver fans. OA did actually go through the motions of building a KTTG for the ASU contest, but somehow managed to botch the publication of the article. Of course there are questions.. so OA's agent, Mr. RoseyHouse, is here to help with the official statements.

Q: Is it true that OA had a Hysterectomy?
A: Next question.

Q: What happened to the ASU Keys to the Game?
A: OA accidentally mixed painkillers with supplements and became groggy. Next question.

Q: What have you done for OA except get him kicked off the Pitt board?
A: [smirk] Next question.

Q: What happened to HillsboroDawg?
A: Next question.

Q: Does OA really wear poofy shirts?
A: Only for his dates with BearsWiin. And when he turns rotors.

Q: How do you get a Bruin quarterback to lead a team to victory against USC?
A: Transfer him to Oregon State.

Scandals in publishing aside, this is a fantastic run for the Beavers. Four Pac 10 wins in a row is a feat that the Beavs have not achieved since the magical 2000 season-- which, incidentally, was the last time that OSU defeated USC. Somewhere, Rah is smiling.

On to the Keys to the Game:


1. Control Chris Markey, Control the Bruins
 The Bruins live and die with the junior tailback. He's a slashing, cutback runner, and the Beavs will have to stay home, wrap up, and not overpursue. Square up and make good tackles, or the 5-10, 208 pound tailback will make them look silly. A new wrinkle the Bruins added to their offense last week was to go more vertical and use Markey on screen passes.. to the tune of 6 receptions for 63 yards. The answer: Spy Derek Doggett on Markey and shut him down. Doggett has the speed to keep up with even the fastest tailbacks in the Pac 10, now that Reggie Bush has moved on and collected a legitimate paycheck.


2. Keep Matt Cool, Calm and Collected.
There is little doubt that this game will be personal vindication for Matt Moore. Matt says that it's "just another game" but this game is so much more than that for Matt. This game is Matt's personal redemption, and don't be surprised if Matt has the words "turnover machine" written on his wristbands to flash toward the UCLA sideline every time he scores another TD. The OL needs to keep Matt's jersey clean, but most of all he will need for his teammates to keep his feet on the ground and keep him focused and relaxed, playing within himself.


3. Run the Ball With Authority.
UCLA has a pair of good defensive ends in Justin Hickman and Bruce Davis. The two have combined for an eye-popping 20 sacks, and the Beaver offensive line will have their hands full keeping them off of Matt Moore. Both ends will gamble a bit, playing out of position to get pressure on the passer. Some well-timed draws and passes, as well as quick hitters when they're caught out of their gap assignment, will produce play-action opportunities for Matt to go for the jugular.


Quick Hits:

  • Sammie Stroughter is currently tied for the Pac 10 record of three punts returned for touchdowns in a season, along with Cal's DeSean Jackson. The NCAA record for punts returned for a touchdown in a single season is five.
  • The NCAA record for punts returned in a single game is three - a feat achieved by Oklahoma against UCLA in 2003.
  • The Beavers lead the Pac 10 in sacks and are currently #4 in the country in sacks.
  • Oregon State has 14 different players with one sack or more, led by junior defensive end Dorian Smith, who has 5.5 sacks on the season.
  • New junior college transfers have made a big impact on the 2006 season. DE Dorian Smith is 10th on the team in total tackles and leads the team in sacks, as previously noted, LB Joey LaRocque is second on the team in total tackles and CB Coye Francies is seventh on the team in total tackles and leads the team in fumbles forced.


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