Coach and player quotes following Oregon State's 25-7 loss to UCLA Nov. 11.

Coach Mike Riley.
On going for it on fourth down in the third quarter
- "We only had about half a yard to go. We'd been moving the ball well and I thought it would give us a spark. We're at midfield and didn't think it would turn out to be the catastrophe it was when they hit the next play for a touchdown. There was some miscommunication in the line blocking and obviously it was a momentum changer because they took it from there."

On the game - "That was a terribly disappointing game. I'm surprised, disappointed and anxious to get back to work for next week. From our perspective, we turned the ball over and didn't capitalize on some scoring opportunities and the game deteriorated. Nothing felt good about that game. We were not sharp. Those fumbles, that just can't happen. There were a lot of little things that make such a huge difference in that game. We never got into any rhythm offensively, and when we tried, something would happen. We knew UCLA had a good defense, that they were very athletic and would cause us some problems. But I think we were our biggest problem. We've been on a good run and have been playing some good football but we just turned the ball over too many times to win. This leaves a very bitter taste. If I'm on the other side, I'm talking about how my defense played really well. I'm thinking, 'Good job of stripping the ball.' It is a step back for right now, but it doesn’t have to be permanent. We can bounce back and play better."

QB Matt Moore.
On the game - "In the Pac-10, it is any given Saturday. UCLA's a good team, and they beat us. We knew what we were getting into; we just didn't execute at all. There were some plays we left out on the field. They beat us but we beat ourselves. We don't overlook anybody but we didn't execute, didn't take advantage of the one turnover we got and left a lot of plays on the field."

On his three fumbles - "The ball was squirting out. I can't explain it. I came over to the sidelines thinking to myself, 'That never happens to me. It just doesn't.' I have no excuses at all. The ball just squired out. When it leads to points, it sucks, because it's on my shoulders. It's rough."

On qualify for postseason play - “That’s what everybody talked about but us. We try to keep that down in our locker room and just play a football game. If you look too far in the future, you are not going to perform now. And that’s what we need to do.”

On going for it on fourth down in the third quarter - “That's not my call. That's coach Riley, and any decision he makes, I go with it. That's aggressive play, and if that's what he wanted to do, he's the head man."


RB Yvenson Bernard.
On the game - "UCLA has probably the best defense we've seen this year. We knew what they had. We were running the ball good. The zone play was there all day. We knew they had potential. We just didn’t play well today. We just made crucial turnovers. That's what hurt us today."

On his ankle - "I tweaked it a little, but I can walk on it fine. I'll be all right. A little rehab, I'll be out there next Saturday."

On going for it on fourth down in the third quarter - “They zeroed in on me. It was just a good defensive play. Everybody blitzed on that play, and our guys couldn't block everybody. That’s coach Riley’s call. That’s why I’m not a coach. I just run what is called. But coach Riley made a good call.”


FS Bryan Payton
On UCLA's 45-yard TD - “It was kind of like the knife in the back, but we couldn’t think about it. At that point we could have come back and won.”

On the game - “We came out a little lax. We tried to pick it up, but it was too late. We couldn’t convert on third downs on offense. Our defense, we were struggling a little bit. We couldn’t make big plays. It wasn’t the night for us and they played well.”


LB Joey LaRocque
On the game - "I don’t know what happened. They played well. We weren’t here to play today. I don’t know why. Sometimes you have it and sometimes you don’t. We didn’t come out with the same passion as the last four, five games. It’s a loss, but it’s not going to hold us down. We still have the opportunity to have a pretty good season. We just have to get back to practice and get our passion back. And make sure we are out there having fun again.”

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