QUOTES: Oregon State at Stanford

Quotes from the Oregon State coach Mike Riley and his players following OSU's 30-7 win over Stanford.

HC Mike Riley
On today's game - "I'm just glad we won this game. I thought our guys played very well. And that was good to see, especially after that rough start. I thought [Stanford's early touchdown] was a little bit scary, but I think our response was great, on both sides of the ball, and I'm proud of how we played. It was a good balance offensively, and we stayed after them defensively. Now we can push for more. Now we can see what more this team can accomplish, which is pretty exciting."

On running and passing the ball - "I didn't want to get into a blitz pick-up game all day long. The only way to do that is be balanced. We had a pretty balanced effort today, and Ev was terrific. It's as good as he has ever been."

On specific areas of today's game - "I thought we had good balance offensively and thought we stayed after it defensively. I thought Stanford had some real good ideas on what to do as far as trying to throw the football against us, but I thought persevered and won the game. I thought there were some good plays on special teams, but was a little disappointed in the fake (punt) going against us. "

On Oregon State's penalties - "That was a little bit scary. We had too many penalties but there were other good things. We stayed after them defensively. We had too many penalties today, and that's what happens when you brag about the fact that we didn't have any holding or blocks in the back for a long time. I think we got three today, which was really not very good."

On running back Yvenson Bernard's performance - "He ran very well. I was excited. He showed who he is most all the time. He hasn't missed a game with the ankle and yet he hasn't been full speed either, but he's a thousand-yard rusher for another year and just a very good football player."

On Oregon State's surge in the second half of the season - "I’m really excited about this. This team has risen from the ashes of whatever our record was early and getting beat badly a couple of times to going to a bowl game, so I'm really proud of them. And right now, maybe we can even finish third in the Pac-10. It’s a credit to the players and coaches for staying the course. And to fight back to this is pretty nice. It's a credit to our coaches and players for staying the course. Now we can push for more. Now we can see what more we can accomplish."

On Moore's streak - "That's amazing, from where we've come with Matt. That's great for him. I'm very excited for and proud of him. He has battled a lot during his career at Oregon State and has been a major factor in the resurgence of this team."

On the home team winning the Civil War nine years in a row - "I don't put anything into that. Those streaks eventually go away. You can't put any stock in them."

On becoming bowl eligible - “I feel great about going to a bowl game. We haven’t hidden the fact that the No. 1 thing you want to do is get your team in a bowl game. We’ve done that and now we can push for more. We can see what more this team can accomplish.”


QB Matt Moore
On Oregon State's current situation - "It feels great to be going to a bowl. It's the number one thing you want to do. Now we can push for more, see what more this team can accomplish. We're not done. It's nice to know the bowl situation has taken care of itself, but we've got a big one next week. We're still hungry and just getting ready to keep it going. The Civil War is big, and I've never played in it.”

On today's game - "We had a good game plan coming into this week, and we followed through and really ran the ball well. I think last week [at UCLA] we were upset with ourselves and a little tense, and not really motivated, so this week was a big win. No turnovers, which was good. I thought I made a couple of bad decisions, but they didn't hurt us, which is good. You've just got to learn from those and go on. Last week, for some reason, we were not motivated, and this week we just needed to finish. Yvenson ran for a ton of yards and I tried to stay calm, play the game and execute."

More on today's game and Oregon State's preparation - "I kind of just went back to basics and told myself to stay calm, execute and just play the game of football. We had a great week of practice, and it just kind of showed today. It was just simple stuff, you know?"

On last year's Civil War - "To have the injury happen and not be able to play in the biggest game of the season with a lot riding on it...it was rough. It was not what I wanted. That's why this year, not only am I enjoying it more, but I'm also focused on being prepared and trying to be the best I can be. Because like last year, it can all be over, just like that. I know it goes back a long time and obviously it's between two schools that don't like each other, but that's about all I know," Moore said. "I'll find out quickly, I'm sure."

On Bernard's play - “He was awesome. Credit Yve and the offensive line. They both did a great job and Yve hit the holes. The offensive line was tough up front, and Stanford’s defense was tough.”

On his streak - "Considering how last year went, to have that streak makes me feel pretty good. I mean, in a way that wins ballgames, when you don't turn the ball over. That's a key stat."

On the interception that Stanford grabbed out of bounds - "I misread the coverage. Yvenson slipped a guy, so I thought he was going to be all by himself up the seam. I didn't even see the middle linebacker. They got me there. That was one of my mistakes. I shouldn't have thrown it there. Thank goodness, it was out of bounds."


RB Yvenson Bernard
On the game -
"My ankle wasn't bothering me at all. At first I wasn’t making the right cuts or whatever, and not scoring down on the goal line kind of sucked. Besides that I had a good day. I kind of knew my number would get called a lot. I felt good. Our offensive line did a great job today. It was so important for us to win. We thought this was bigger than any game we've had all year. We wanted to work hard, be mistake-free and play a good game."

On the defense - "The defense, those guys stepped it up. They've done a great job this year, and they continued that."

On the Civil War - "We've been thinking about that since the beginning of the season, man! We've been thinking about the Ducks, and getting them back...We finally have our chance, and hopefully we can capitalize. Aw man, I definitely got into it my freshman year. Just seeing how everybody reacts. It's the biggest game in Oregon, obviously. It's fun, and it's going to be a good time."


S Sabby Piscitelli
On the game - "“It’s good to get over the hump. We expected to be in a bowl, but it’s good for the stress. We don’t have to worry about the bowl eligibility. It’s good to have the ‘we’re-playing-in-the-postseason’ feeling and not be sitting at home for Christmas the whole month. Our season isn't over yet. We want to get two more wins."

On Stanford's touchdown - "We didn’t come in the first series like we should have. The whole defense was kind of laid back. We can't do that. We have to fly to the ball. It was a good wake-up call for us defensively — a slap in the face. I missed the tackle on that play. I was being too aggressive and came at (Kimble) at a bad angle. After that we settled down and made our plays."

On the Civil War - "It's my last Pac-10 game as a senior and it's a great rivalry. We expect to get more than seven wins. We have to carry our momentum over into Friday and get another big win for Oregon State. Obviously it's big time. We'll be motivated."


TE Joe Newton
On the Civil War
- "It's a special game for us no matter what the situation. If we could have any more possible motivation, that would be it. But really, it's a heated rivalry and the intensity level will be huge."


DT Ben Siegert
“We’re growing a lot as a team. We’re learning how to win. That was a big issue last year. We couldn’t finish. Now we are finishing. We’ve got a big game this week, and we are ready.”

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