Memories from the 110th Civil War

It was a game to remember, another year, another home team victory, another year of bragging rights and another year of the correct people paying off bets. Images of the game are running through my head as I sit here typing. Here are just a few of the images/memories that I'll take from this year's contest.

· The plethora of Ducks on a noose. One muddy and mangled after being dragged by an SUV, another with its head torn off after being hit too many times and yet another, a rubber ducky, being carelessly pulled along the ground as a Beaver fan walks around Reser Stadium.

· Heated pre-game discussions in the bathrooms at Reser. People finally coming to the conclusion, "As Matt Moore goes, so the game goes." How true.

· Lots of on-field extra-curricular activities from both teams. Both teams' emotions were at a high level, as they should be. There was lots of shoving and woofing, a little extra contact at the end of most plays, but not too many unsportsmanlike conduct penalties.

· Jason Vandiver making his first ever touchdown catch. Ooooh, I thought that he was going to get another one in the second quarter.

· Matt Moore's entire game. What more can you say about Matt Moore's season? He was once again in total control of his game. He saw the field, made good reads, didn't take unnecessary chances, made accurate throws, provided leadership…I could go on and on.

· Brady Leaf showing he is a much better runner than most Beaver fans (including myself) thought he is. He is nifty with ball fakes; admit it; he fooled you with ball fakes more than once.

· The Duck band being booed when they came on the field and when they finished playing at halftime. Funny.

· Yvenson Benard's block on the long pass to Ruben Jackson. He flipped the linebacker completely over with his block giving Moore time to make a perfect pass. Yvenson is undoubtedly one of the best pass blocking running backs to ever play at OSU.

· Offensive line pass-blocking. The offensive line blocked well all game but really came up big on the last drive. Matt Moore had a ton of time to throw on the last series.

· An olfactory image - someone in our section threw up midway through the first quarter and the pungent miasma would waft in and out the rest of the game. Hey, I never said every image would be a good one.

· The secondary covering the Duck receivers for long stretches. Brady Leaf had way too much time to make throws but the secondary hung in there. The one pass play that took a full ten seconds just about killed me.

· What a great sight it was. Alexis Serna kicks off after making a field goal right at the end of the first half. The kick returner breaks past the kick coverage. Alexis tries to make a diving tackle but misses. He then jumps up to chase down the runner. I'm not sure what he was going to do if he caught him but that play shows you what kind of player Alexis is.

· Ben Siegert blocking the point after touchdown.

· Ben Siegert and, seemingly, the entire defensive front busting through to block the last Duck field goal attempt. Two kick blocks in one game by the same guy. Inconceivable!

· Gerard Lawson making yet another great special teams play, knocking Jonathan Stewart out of bounds on the kick-off return. Does the Pac-10 have a special-teams Player of the Year award? If so, Gerard should win it.

· The last Beaver drive. Was it just me, or was there no doubt in your mind that the Beaver offense would drive down close enough for a field goal attempt? It seemed inevitable to me. The pass protection was there, Sammie Stroughter was open, Matt Moore delivered the ball, the Ducks had to use their last two timeouts and Alexis Serna put the kick through the uprights. Yeah, it pretty much went the way most of us thought it would.

· Alexis Serna lining up for the last field goal. The kick didn't exactly boom off of his foot but it was far enough, and more importantly, accurate. That is what you call a money performance.

· My most enduring image is students holding Matt Moore aloft after the game. Fog from the students' breath hovered over the crowd as they celebrated. Ah, that is what college football is all about!

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