Keys to the Sun Bowl

What a long, strange trip it's been, Beaver Fans. What started out looking like a pretty dark season really blossomed into something special; fans can be fickle but this group of kids and this coaching staff believed, never stopped believing, and just kept on trucking.

Sammie Stroughter brought his sack of stones and something special to the team that maybe, just maybe, it had been lacking: leadership, that intangible quality that can make or break a season.

The Beavers have the opportunity to do something that has happened just once in the history of the program: notch double-digit wins. And there's not a fan or a player or a coach associated with the program that doesn't believe wholeheartedly that it's possible. Not after the things the mighty 2006 Beavers have already achieved.

This is a group of believers.

This is a special team.

This is a team with magic.

This is a team of rebirth. From Matt Moore's resurrection - true freshman prodigy at UCLA to, in the words of his former coach Karl Dorrell, a "turnover machine," to the field general and heady, mistake free quarterback he has become.

It is almost as if it is exactly as Sammie Stroughter said... "preordained."

Oregon State and Missouri seem to be, at this time, teams headed in two different directions. The Beavers are playing well on both sides of the ball while Mizzou might be struggling just a little bit after getting off to a fast (6-0) start, the Tigers have won just two of their last six games. In comparison, the Beavers started out 2-4 and then won seven of their last eight games.

The Keys To The Game!


  1.  Get Derrick Doggett Involved.
    Mizzou QB Chase Daniels can create plays with his feet, keeping him in check will be a big part of Oregon State's defensive plan. D-Dog is the best player for the job.

  2. Get Yvenson his Yards.
    When Bernard rushes for 100 yards, Oregon State's chances of winning goes way up. When Bernard is successful, the rest of the offense opens up and the play action becomes a dagger to drive through the opponent's heart.

  3. Ball Control.
    Mizzou moves the ball in big chunks - it's not a grinding type of offense. If Oregon State can keep from turning the ball over and play field position, bend-but-don't-break will become turnovers and sacks when the Tigers are caught in third and long.


Odds and Ends:

  • Unbeatable: Oregon State Coach Mike Riley is undefeated in postseason play, and the first Oregon State coach ever to win two bowl games.

  • Immortality: Ben Siegert's two blocked kicks make Big Ben the only OSU player ever to block two kicks in the same game.

  • Team Effort: Despite leading the Pac 10 in sacks with 44, Oregon State defensive end Dorian Smith is just fifth in the Pac 10 for sacks, with eight.

  • Recruiting Gems: Cornerback Coye Francies leads all Beavers as well as the Pac 10 in the forced fumbles category with 4. Both Francies and Dorian Smith were members of Oregon State's solid 2006 junior college recruiting class, as was the leading tackler on the Oregon State defense: OLB Joey LaRocque.

  • Go Sammie Go: Cal's DeSean Jackson may have been the first Pac-10 player to notch four punt returns for touchdown in a single season, but one more will match the feat for Sammie Stroughter. Of course two will give Stroughter an NCAA record...

  • Mixed Blessing: Dateline September 2006. OrangeAttack states, "If the Beavs win 9 games, I will be overjoyed. If the Beavers win 10 games, I will dance naked in the streets."

BeaverNation (and Mrs. OA) holds its' collective breath.

Send your poofy shirts, hate mail, and blackmail photos of the Beaverton/Tigard area streets suspiciously close to Casa De OA and dated 12-29-06 to


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