Playoff or Bowls?

After another hiatus and a trip to the islands I am back and ready to enlighten the "message board geeks" once again. I'm not going to talk about my record from a few weeks ago or how much I lost because, well to be honest, that's no fun to read or write about.

You may have heard the phrase, "Gamblers always tell you how much they won, but not how much they lost." Let's just say my wallet is full of Burger King receipts, cash withdrawals slips, a coupon for some free Jack in the Box tacos, and a coupon for a free value meal at McDonald's.

But, like the idiot I am, I continue to smoke premium cigars, eat farm-raised organic chicken, and drink Hair of the Dog beer. I'm a blue-collar snob, what can I say?  But enough about my culinary taste.  Let's get serious and bring up the over-hashed, never reconciled debate: playoffs or bowl system?

The current bowl system is now compromised of 32 games with a minimum qualification of a .500 record. Many have argued for a 16 team playoff format like D-II or D-III football.  But the cash cow that is the corporate America bowl sponsors have put universities in a sticky situation. Money talks.

I know it's as annoying as hell to have a game named after a stereo, a flower, a champagne, a state, a fruit, a verb, a tool, a .COM, etc, etc. But, this is the system we are currently working with and can't we just deal with it?! If these companies want to shell out big bucks just to put their name in front of the game so be it. We still get a couple of weeks of glorious football in December and early January before the dull months of late winter and spring roll around.

I realize that the BCS formula to pit number one versus number two is a compromise to crown the champion. I also realize it's not a perfect system, even if you tweak it every year, but it does provides lively discussion and this year, exciting, except LSU's blowout of Notre Dame, games (It warms my heart every time the 'Domers lose!)

Meanwhile, for us gamers, playas, investors, err degenerate gamblers out there; 32 is greater than 10, you do the math. And one thing is for certain, the Rose Bowl is smiling. It just so happened that the Granddaddy of them all pitted the Pac-10's USC against the Big 10's Michigan in the classic New Years match up.

To be honest, I really could not care less if we have playoffs or not in college football; save that for college basketball and March Madness. In December and January, I need my fix of games, the universities need the money, and Corporate America needs to advertise. Aren't we all winners?

The BCS at least tries to get the top two teams decided by different polls into one game. Remember before, it was just the Associated Press and Coaches Polls that decided the national championship contenders. Now days we have good old computer rankings and strength of schedule added to the mix. It works for me, but then again, I'm easy.

Tune in next year for more picks, goofy references, and insight.



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