Scholarship Math - Jan. Edition

To the surprise of many in Beaver Nation, an article in The Oregonian last week reported that Mike Riley is expecting to sign around 25 players in February. The team only lost 12 seniors that were on scholarship, so what gives?


QB-3: Gunderson, Canfield, Moevao

RB-3: Bernard, Polk, Fuller

WR-7: Stroughter, Powers, Sieverson, Wheat-Brown, Tarver, Kjos, Brown

TE-5: Croom, Reese, Miller, Camp, Halahuni

C-2: DeVan, Linnenkohl

OT-6: Thompson, Levitre, Marks, Pohl, Oshinowo, Cole

OG-5: Schuening, Perry, Speer, Peat, Nomani

K-1: Serna

offensive total: 31


DT-7: Booth, Smith, Coker, Akav'ola Vea, Lee, Frank, Hunt, Nau

DE-5: Van Orsow, Smith, Kruskamp, Butler, Hansen

LB-13: Doggett, Darlin, LaRocque, Darkins, Cook, Moala, Christopher, Cornell, Vave, Issac, Kristick, Roberson, Camat

CB-6: Lawson, Francies, Lewis, Hughes, Henderson, Clark

S-4: Drayton, Afalava, Payton, Dockery

P-1: Loomis

defensive total: 37



As of January there are approximately 68 players on scholarship.  The NCAA allows 85 scholarships per team which means Oregon State has 17 scholarships to hand out in 2007.

Three junior college players, OL Michael Cole, DT Sioeli Nau and LB Danzel Issac, one grayshirt, TE Joe Halahuni, and one player returning from his mission, LB Walker Vave, have already signed on the dotted line. Cole, Nau and Issac are all expected to be ready for spring ball while Halahuni and Vave are already enrolled and taking classes.

Receivers Chris Johnson and Shane Morales along with defensive end Slade Norris and fullback Micah Strickland are not on scholarship, but have financial aide agreements.

LB Andy Darkins is still on scholarship, although he has retired from football due to a shoulder injury. OL Michael Marks is also still on scholarship as he works through personal issues.

S Kevin Maher could join the team in the spring possibly using a scholarship or the more likely scenario would be him signing a financial aide agreement.

Four players - Kevin Unga, Devin Unga, Kaulin Krebs and Geoff Garner - are on all their Mormon missions that started in 2006 and could arrive on campus as early as January 2008. Some could be offered a scholarship, others a financial aide agreement.

Excluding the already signed junior college players and Halahuni and Vave, the Beavers currently have 13 verbals. OT Una Smiley is a question mark after being shot while OT Jon Ioane still has work to do in the classroom.

Let's assume that all 13 players sign, that would bring the scholarship total up to 81 giving the Men in Black four scholarships to play with. The math goes likes this: 68 (current players on scholarship) + 13 (current verbals) equals 81.

Or if you want to look at just this year's class: 13 (current verbals) + 5 (players who already signed) equals 18 plus 4 (scholarships to be filled) equals 22 total scholarships for the 2007 class.


NOTE: For a different view of the scholarship situation view the Scholarship Tracker. If you read anything that is incorrect, please let me know and I will correct the mistake.

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