ANOTHER VERBAL: Beavers land Arizona OT

RORY ROSS out of Peoria, Arizona, has always been large. Indeed, back when he wanted to play Pop Warner, he wasn't allowed -- he was too big. The offensive line prospect tripped to Oregon State this past weekend and just a few minutes ago, made it official, he's headed to Corvallis.

"I just called coach Mike Cavanaugh and let him know I wanted to (commit) and he congratulated me on being a Beaver," Ross said.

Ross (6-4, 250) has only been playing football since high school. Not only that, this past season was the hoss' first playing offensive tackle, the same position the Beavs like him at, he said.

"They really like my athleticism for my size," said Ross. "I've always been active in playing basketball, I just started playing football in high school. I actually couldn't play Pop Warner because of the size restrictions -- age versus weight, so I could never play, although I think they've changed that nowadays. But they like my athleticism."

Oregon State assistant Mike Cavanaugh ran the point on Ross' recruitment.

"When coach Cavanaugh came to one of my basketball games he was impressed with my base -- my leg size, my butt, all of that," laughed Ross. "My long arms and my potential, and he also mentioned the fact I played basketball, that I've started on the varsity basketball team since my sophomore year was impressive."

Ross does indeed have quite a reach, with a wing span of 6-foot-8.

ON HIS OFFICIAL VISIT to Oregon State, Ross said the Beavs were the clear frontrunner.

"The trip went very well, I really enjoyed the visit," he said. "Oregon State is kind of a smaller town but it's a big football town. Coach Cavanaugh has been really nice and he's been showing me a lot of interest."

In addition to the Beavers, Arizona, ASU, San Diego State were among those showing the most interest.

"I had a couple of options with some smaller schools on the East Coast but Oregon State is the best out of the options I have," said Ross. "I'm looking forward to going out there and working hard, getting stronger, and also showing some of the Arizona schools here what they missed out on."

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