LOI day coverage

Signing day is almost here and BF.com has you covered. Here's the day's breakdown and our coverage of the key events to keep you informed.

6 a.m. - VISIT - OSUBeavers.com to see the Letter of Intents as the coaches receive them.

All day - READ - The BF.com message boards as the Letter of Intents are received to read opinions from members of Beaver Nation.

All day - TALK - Real time with Beaver football fans, including BF.com's own OrangeAttack, from around the nation in the BF.com Chat Room (link in the top left hand corner)

2 p.m. - LISTEN - To Mike Riley discuss his 2007 recruiting class on 1240 AM Joe Radio in the Mid Valley or online at OregonLive.com starting at 2 p.m.

After 2 p.m. - READ and DISCUSS - What Riley had to say about his new players with Beaver football fans on the BF.com message boards and chat room.

All day, on premium message board - LEARN - About the OSU recruits with BF.com's exclusive player case files detailing each player's high school careers.

Late Wednesday night - LEARN MORE - As BF.com reports back from the recruiting dinner with news and notes.

Thursday-Friday - READ - BF.com as we roll out a series of articles keeping you informed on what this recruiting class means to the future of Oregon State football.

Sunday - LISTEN - To "The Tailgater Live" on KPSU 1450 AM from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. as Allen Coleman and Jeremy Lloyd breakdown the OSU and UO recruiting classes with a special appearance from OrangeAttack at the start of the show.

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