Things you might have missed...

Things you might have missed by not attending the Eastern Kentucky game on August 29.

Oregon State basketball legend, Mel Counts.
It was nice to see a former Oregon State basketball great take interest in the football program. I'am sure he doesn't have any problems getting tickets to any OSU athletic event.

Alcohol air.
Sometimes the alcohol is so strong in the air, I get a little buzz. And if you are seasoned veteran of Oregon State football games like myself, you know all alcohol air is not the same. Depending on the section, you can "drink" hard alchohol or beer. The great thing about alcohol air is you don't have that nasty aftertaste and it's free.

Free commentary.
When the alcohol is flowing everybody is willing to give their opinion on Beaver football, wheather you want it or not, every play, every down. We were lucky enough to have a drunk fellow near us that provided color commentary the whole game. According to him, the Beavers were kicking the crap out of Kentucky, than Montana, and finally Boise State. By the end of the game he yelled, "Go back home to Los Angeles! That's where you Ducks belong!"

The 2002 intro video on the jumbotron.
It reminded me of a scene from Minority Report when Tom Cruise is quickly searching for the killer on his glass computer. Derek Anderson goes up to a computer, pushes some buttons, and gets some virtual defense to go against the Beavers. Sadly enough, the video was cut short and we will have to wait for the gut wrenching conclusion at the UNLV game.

The chilly wind.
It was extremely windy at the game on Thursday. It would have been a pleasant day, if the wind was not blowing so hard. It was even more impressive that Derek Anderson could throw the ball on the money despite the wind. You could really see the wind affect the ball on the kickoffs as Cesca did not kick one into the endzone all game.

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