One-time OSU signee gears up for Soph season

NICK THURSTON originally signed with Oregon State coming out of Edison High in Fresno, Calif., in 2005 but ultimately enrolled this past March at City College of San Francisco. The 6-0.5, 245-pound linebacker caught the eye of a few colleges coming by CCSF this past year looking at '07 prospects and has bigger things in mind for the upcoming season.

Thurston played this past year at a solid 245 pounds, about 20 pounds more than his prep days. The weight gain, however, did not diminish his speed, he said.

"I'm about 250 right now, but I'm trying to drop it down it a little bit," said Thurston. "We're going pretty hard right now. We're not yet doing anything on the field, we're running and lifting right now.

"We do our workouts and then I leave and go do my own stuff on top of that. It's pretty tough right now, but I'm pretty focused, too," he said.

Tennessee, Michigan, Oregon and Minnesota are among those who have made early contact. CCSF is a frequent destination for college recruiters, and last June, Thurston said he was starting to see some interest even though he had yet to play his first college game. Prospects with size at their position, who can flat out run, will always turn heads.

"I'm getting that look from a few of the schools who have come through, that 'Who is that?' look," said Thurston at the time.

Thurston played strong side linebacker in '06, and CCSF also went to a lot of nickel coverage (five DBs) so he didn't see as much playing time his freshman year as he's expected to this season.

"I'm moving to middle (linebacker) this year," said Thurston.

It is rare to see an MVP named from the losing team but that's what happened in California Community Colleges football championship game. Thurston took home Defensive MVP honors after he tallied eight tackles, with two for loss, in San Francisco's 49-35 loss to El Camino.

"I'm just looking forward to graduating in December. I'm trying to pull nothing less than a B this semester. It's real hard to get out early, I'm not saying I definitely will graduate early, but that's the goal," said Thurston.

Thurston racked up more than 100 tackles his senior campaign at Edison, including 10 sacks.

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