It's Gameday!

6 AM and my eyes grudgingly open. My alarm clock is set to AM 910 the Fan, and I'm serenaded in my first waking moments of the day by Colin Cowherd.

"I understand what the Beavers are doing. They're positioning themselves as the bad boys of the conference, and Dennis Erickson is creating an "Us Against the World" mentality in Corvallis," Cowherd says in his distinctively nasal tone.

"Lord, here we go again," I think with a half smile. I slam my peepers back shut and whack the snooze button, then take mental note of my current condition.

Sore throat? Check. Slight hangover? Check.

I haven't even climbed out of my pants yet, and although I'm not really wearing my bright orange OSU t-shirt, I haven't quite gotten it off yet… it's just kind of hanging around my neck. Where's my other shoe, anyway? I jam my hand into my pocket and yank out my keys. So THAT'S what's been digging into my leg all night. There's a couple pieces of paper I fish out too: The remnants of a wristband from the Headline and my game ticket… What's this? A phone number… who's Amanda?? I decide to put that one aside for later.

Yup, it's Friday morning, and I'm basking in the afterglow of a Beaver victory.

Random thoughts ricochet through my brain as I recount last night's event. We left Wilsonville at 5:00, figuring that 2 hours ought to be plenty of time, but then sis talked to Cowboy, who was coming over directly from Bend, and it turns out that the traffic was pretty nasty on the main highway into Corvallis. So we opted for 20 and went in through Albany, arriving at our parking spot a couple of blocks from Reser at about 10 minutes to kickoff. The air was electric and the stadium is pulsating with orange.

I'll spare my recap of the game, but impart a few random thoughts. Defense is as advertised. Fast, flows to the ball, and did an outstanding job of staying home, staying disciplined, and shutting down a pretty good option offense. I had my reservations about the game on the way in, unable to completely forget about GSU just a few short years ago.

I left the game feeling very satisfied all the way around. I can't help shanking my head just a bit when I remember the ball bouncing off Boyd's dome in the first play of the game, but then I remember something… that was DA's first play as a starter, and it was DEAD on the MONEY. I wonder if he has a little bit of the Niner ice flowing through his veins, and smile at the thought.

And is it just me or did our WR's (with the glaring exception of Boyd's drop to open the game) suddenly begin sweating stick-um through their palms? Not a lot of dropped passes out there, kids. Euhus looks OUTSTANDING. Newson is… well, Newson. Boyd is NICE. Kenny Farley is just flat out dangerous in the RAC, and is the kind of big target at the slot you just LOVE. I can't wait for "Clutch" Cole Clasen to return to the field.

After the game was over, we cruised over to the Headline Café for a quick bite to eat and a beer to wash it down. The joint was hopping… filled with coeds and some decent music. We saw Ken Simonton there and had the opportunity to chat with him for a few minutes. The last thing I remember is looking at my watch and wondering how in the world it could possibly be 1:45am, then shrugging and taking my shot of tequilla anyway. "Haha ha, I have to be at work in the morning!" I thought to myself, semi amused.

Wait a minute. That's not funny.

But it's college football, and it's Corvallis. And it just doesn't get much better than this.

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