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THE SON OF a former Oregon State linebacker, the progeny out of Portland already checks in at 6-foot-5 and 225 pounds. After his senior season, his calling at the next level will probably be at the tight end spot, such are his pass catching abilities. The combination of size and skill is rare to begin with -- tight ends are simply hard to find. Plus what really sets him apart, is his blocking.

Demetrius Guice has been a two-year starter at linebacker for Central Catholic and his prep coach says he would have had more of an impact as a tight end this past season were it not for a broken hand in Week One that took away the first part of his junior season.

"It was probably the seventh game before he got back into it. He runs really well for his size, and he has really, really soft hands," said Central Catholic head man Steve Pyne.

Longtime watchers of the black and orange will recognize the name. Demetrius' dad is a former linebacker at Oregon State, Rudy Guice, a four-year letterman from 1978-81.

Most prep tight end prospects gain notice from schools because of their demonstrated abilities as a receiver. Guice, however, is also accomplished down in the trenches with the big boys.

"His blocking ability is phenomenal," said Pyne. "He's just a long, long athlete."

One that is also a standout hoops player. For these reasons and more, said Pyne, Guice is one of those guys people hate lining up against across the line of scrimmage.

"He can get his hands on people so fast," he said. "He's so aware of what his body can do and where he is on the field."

Oregon State and Oregon have shown the most interest so far.

Oregon had given indications the Ducks would be coming hard after Guice this year, although those efforts were spearheaded by former assistant coach Neal Zoumboukos, who has since been moved to an administrative post at Oregon.

"Oregon is really high on him, Oregon State is as well...It's tough to teach 6-5," said Pyne.

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