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Oregon State University is proud to announce an enhanced brand identity system to represent OSU's athletic teams on the fields and courts. The new look is a result of a collaborative effort between the University, Collegiate Licensing Company (CLC) and Michael Morrow of Morrow Creative Group.

The new identity system establishes a distinctive and consistent font type in addition to a new "OS" logo. The new "OS" logo will be secondary to the nationally established Beaver head that appears on the field at Reser Stadium, football helmets and on the court at Gill Coliseum. For Athletics the new "OS" is considered a spirit mark that already has been implemented by some teams including the defending baseball national champions.

Oregon State's athletic teams have used several variations of logos in the past, including the block "O". The goal of the new logotype is to create a unique appearance that will be easily identifiable throughout the nation.

"This new branding effort will enable us to create a common identity and will set us apart from other schools that have similar color schemes and abbreviations. I want to stress we will still be OSU to our fans and alumni and continue to use OSU in our fight song and rally cheers," Director of Athletics Bob De Carolis said.

Now that we have established ourselves nationally we need to have a clean look in terms of how we represent Oregon State, Beavers and use logos. All 17 of our sports will now have a uniformed look."

The University requested comment from many groups before implementing OS, including student-athletes, staff, faculty and alumni groups. Along with the Beavers' status as a national program, there was a general consensus that the athletic department's general secondary logos, the block "O" and the "OSU" were confused with several other institutions across the nation, including Oklahoma State which features the same orange and black colors.

"We just asked ourselves- why not OS for Oregon State?" said Morrow, who has worked on identity projects for many sports brands, professional teams and universities, including the University of Notre Dame and the University of Kansas. ""We see the Interlocking OS as innovating in the Collegiate marketplace. In the coming years as the Beavers continue to compete nationally on the biggest stages of college sports, fans across the country will know that we are the Oregon State Beavers."

CLC and Nike have partnered to launch the new "OS" apparel which has an April target for availability at retail. The gear will be available at Beaver sponsors Joes, OSU Bookstore on campus, Downtown Portland Beaver Fan Shop location and online at

The second phase of the new identity launch will include new football uniform designs for 2007. Athletics will unveil its new football uniforms from Nike live on Beaver Nation Online, the audio/video site within, on Fri., April. 27 (details to be announced). This past year Nike and OSU Athletics signed a new apparel supplier agreement making Nike the exclusive apparel partner for 14 of the 17 Beaver intercollegiate teams.


Oregon State University Athletics Identity System

The new Oregon State (OS) logo, along with the new logotype, is considered an Athletics spirit mark. It is used to represent Oregon State on fields of play and
in the retail market.



The Beaver logo remains the primary mark for Athletics and the Oregon State logo (OS) is the secondary mark.
The Oregon State University logo will continue to be used to represent the university in all academic areas. This logo is to be used on Web sites, letterhead, business cards, other stationery, powerpoint presentations, signage and any other methods that represent the university.


Oregon State University Athletics Q&A

Why are you changing the OSU Athletics Identity System?
We are not changing the identity system; we are establishing a distinctive and consistent way to represent OSU athletic teams on the fields and courts and in their uniform designs. OSU Athletics used multiple versions of the block "O" and logotypes that varied from sport to sport. As a Pac-10 institution, the new system creates a unique identity that will be easily identifiable throughout the nation.

What will happen to the Beaver head logo?
The Beaver head logo remains the primary Athletics logo. The logotypes will be used as companion wordmarks to the Beaver.

What was the University's role in working with Athletics on this project?
The identity system was developed collaboratively through University Advancement and Athletics. University Advancement works closely in the area of consistent institutional identity as well as merchandise licensing. After the "Clean Sweep" campaign, an effort that standardized the look and feel of OSU, its logo and identity system, was completed, UA began to look at creating a system that would standardize Athletics' identity much in the same way that the OSU logo system was standardized on the academic side.

Why "OS?"
Originally, OSU developed a series of block "Os" that followed in the Athletics tradition and then took these designs out for comment and discussion. After many focus groups, conversations and surveys with alumni, friends, faculty, staff and students (including OSU student athletes and coaches), it was clear that the block "O" was very distinctive to Ohio State; in Oregon, the "O" has been branded well by the University of Oregon; and "OSU" in black and orange has been recognized with Oklahoma State. The change to the "OS" came from conversations with these key stakeholders about creating a unique
look - a look that could not be confused with any other university in the nation.

Is there a corporate partner in this change?
OSU's merchandise licensing program is supported through the Collegiate Licensing Corporation (CLC). CLC assisted OSU in finding a design partner for this project. Michael Morrow, a Portland-based designer and owner of Morrow Creative Group, led the effort to create the new professional image. Michael, the former Nike creative director, grew up in Corvallis and is a true "Beaver Believer." His firm has professionalized the identities for many professional sports teams and college athletic departments including for Notre Dame and the University of Kansas. He developed the stylish "OS" that features strong lines and arches that represent the strength and traditions of Oregon State Athletics.

The University is facing budget challenges. How could OSU afford this?
In the first year of OSU's contract with CLC, the company agreed to turn back to OSU all of their service fees taken out of the revenue generated through merchandise licensing. The new system was created out of these funds and out seed money provided through the licensing program. OSU Athletics also offered in-kind payment to supplement the costs of the new system. Designer Michael Morrow offered OSU a significant discount for his services because of his strong ties to Beaver Nation. Therefore, no general funds money was used for the system. It is anticipated that the increased merchandise sales, generated by the new mark, will replace any initial investments made through the licensing revenue. In fact, the new look is anticipated to generate more revenue through the merchandise licensing program that can be used to further support efforts through the University Advancement, Athletics and the Research Office.

How will this be implemented?
The new logotype can already be found on some team uniforms including baseball, softball and wrestling. As regular uniform orders are due, the new system will be used. The scoreboard at Goss Stadium displays the new logotype and over time, as changes are made to Gill and Reser, the new system will be used. This transition makes it affordable and practical for OSU Athletics.

How does this new identity fit into the other OSU logos and marks? How will this logotype be used?
The attached logo sheet explains how the new logotypes fit into the OSU academic and athletics systems.


As much as anything, this new identity system honors the hard work and contributions of our student-athletes. The pride we feel from having a national championship baseball team or a Sun Bowl trophy team or from the
professionalism and character our athletes demonstrate on the field and courts lays the foundation for this new system. We hope that you too will wear the "OS" with spirit and pride for Oregon State University.

For more information, contact University Marketing at 541.737.3871

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