Things You Might Have Missed...

Things you might have missed by not attending the Temple game on September 5.

Historic Franklin Field.
Franklin Field is the home of the University of Pennsylvania Quakers who are a division 1-AA football school. The stadium has a nice historic, rustic feel, but it looks horrible empty. It was hard to get into the game with all the empty seats and you never felt like you where at Temple's home field. Sure, they had Temple logos draped over various places in the stadium, but the big "P" in the middle of the field reminded you were not at Temple's home field.

A six lane track surrounds the field for track and field tournaments, which are really big at the University of Pennsylvania. The best view in the stadium is on the edge of the upper deck. From the upper deck you have the "classic" television view, but with peripheral vision.

I asked a Temple fan if they would sell out their game against Miami on Saturday, September 14. He replied, "There would have to be an awful lot of Miami fans here for that to happen."


Philly Cheese Steak.
Before the game, Davie and I tried our first Philly Cheese Steak from a local vendor outside the stadium. We both agreed it was excellent food. The sandwich was also reasonably priced at $3.00.


Free Beer.
The Oregon State Alumni Association offered free beer at the Temple tailgator. For $4.00, if you are an alumni member, or $5.00 if you are not a member, you could consume all the alcohol you wanted. You just had to pay for the food. Not all tailgators offer free beer, this was an exception because of Pennsylvania's rules about selling alcohol.


Cheap Tickets.
For $40 we got four tickets, four hot dogs, four soft pretzels, and four 20oz sodas. Our original seats were 10 rows from the field on the 35 yard line, but once inside the stadium you can sit anywhere you want.


Academic City.
The game was played in what is called, "Academic City." The area is called Academic City because of the five big universities in Philadelphia and their close proximity to each other. The University of Pennsylvania and Drexel University are right beside each other. You cannot tell where one university ends and the other begins. The three other universities that make up the big five are Temple, La Salle, and Philadelphia University.

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