June A..D. Report

It's been an incredible ride for Beaver baseball during the last three years. As we head into our third consecutive College World Series, an overwhelming wave of support for the team and program has reached a fever pitch.

This was never more evident than last week when we learned we would host the Super Regional vs. Michigan, setting up an opportunity to "3peat" a trip to the CWS. With less than 24 hours to prepare for sales, we developed a plan to ensure that our 1,200 season ticket holders would have first crack at buying post-season tickets.

Ticketing for NCAA events is a complex proposition. First, 600 of our 3,284 seats had to go to Michigan for its fans, coaches, and players. The NCAA mandates that these tickets be located between first and third base, which meant that some of our season ticket holders did not get the same seats they'd had all year. Michigan only used 135 of its allotment and returned the rest, which we were able to use to keep as many season ticket holders in their seats as possible. We put seating in every place possible to maximize attendance and had our largest crowd at a baseball game on Sunday since Goss Stadium was renovated with 3,284 in attendance.

After the deadline passed for season ticket holders to respond, we opened up sales to the general public, starting with online sales at 7 a.m. last Thursday. Our ticket window and phone lines opened at 8:30 a.m., their usual weekday starting time. This is where we were truly surprised—especially when last year's Super Regional event took two days to sell out.

The demand for the 1,000 remaining tickets was so high that we had more than 600 people in the online queue by 6:45 a.m. At 7 a.m., 300 potential buyers—the maximum allowed at one time—were enabled to pursue tickets and another 1,500 were in the queue, totaling 1,800 potential ticket buyers. As purchasers completed their transactions new buyers were let into the system to start the process. Between 6:45 and 8 a.m., the queue never went below 600, and tickets were sold out by 8:30 a.m. when our phones and ticket office opened.

Based on the numbers that went through the queue and the people who showed up at Gill, we estimate we could've sold an additional 15,000 tickets. That's more than any single one-day sale for any OSU athletic event—including Civil War football games.

Paciolan, the company that powers our ticketing software, likened this ticket frenzy to the sale of big-time football games along the lines of USC vs. Notre Dame. The company that created online ticketing systems for college athletics, Paciolan systems are used by 106 of the NCAA's Division I schools.

So what contributed to this ticket frenzy? Matt Arend, who heads our ticket office, chalks it up to fans' desire to be a part of another historic Beaver baseball moment. People who weren't a part of last year's phenomenal ride to the NCAA title were given another chance and did not want to miss out again. The potential to 3peat a trip to the College World Series with a Super Regional win raised the stakes as well. And finally, with its back against the wall since the UCLA series nearly a month ago, the team's warrior attitude, mental toughness and dogged determination have all combined to create another Cinderella story in the making.

Clearly, we have arrived as a baseball powerhouse in both the Pac-10 and the nation. We broadcast the most baseball games in the Pac-10 and will have more than 15 Beaver Sports Network radio affiliates across Oregon picking up Mike Parker this weekend from the College World Series—the most of any team in Omaha. This success on the diamond and the repeated showcasing of the players' grit, guts and perseverance is a result of our fans' support through the Beaver Athletic Student Fund (BASF). Because our donors contribute by purchasing football and baseball season tickets, we're able to have success recruiting these types of hard-working, never-say-die kids and make Oregon State a place they want to be.

With this obvious demand for Beaver baseball, we're doing something about it. We've launched a campaign to expand Goss Stadium at Coleman Field. Just like the "Raising Reser" effort, it's going to take everyone from Beaver Nation to make it happen. If you're interested in being part of that effort, click this link to get more information and become involved so we can continue the momentum and build a powerhouse that will last.

Expansion plans are under way to extend the grandstand down the first and third-base lines. This would more than double our permanent grandstand capacity to 2,860 seats. Total stadium seating—including outfield bleachers—would be nearly 4,000 compared to today's approximate 3,000.

This project also ensures that our season ticket capacity will increase from 1,200 to 1,500. I'm hopeful that more fans will become season ticket holders and keep expanding our reach in Beaver Nation.

I know that all of our fans join me in wishing our baseball team the best of luck as it hits the road to Omaha to defend our national championship.

Note: If interested in becoming a new donor and season ticket holder, please contact the BASF office at 541-737-2370. A staff member will be available to assist you. For ticket information, call 541-737-4455 or 1-800-Go-BEAVS.

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