Munoz wows 'em in Corvallis, LA

A LOT OF football talent has come out of Tacoma over the years, although Geno Munoz says that figure could have been even greater. Munoz, a 6-0, 180-pound receiver prospect out of Mount Tahoma High had a breakout showing at the LA combine. More recently, he spent three days in Corvallis, ultimately picking up his first scholarship offer from Oregon State.

Munoz's camp performance at Oregon State saw him score highly on the field in all the usual categories, and also on the intangibles.

"They said the talent wasn't an issue, that I clearly have the talent," said Munoz. "They said they liked my attitude towards the game. They said I have good character and I'd fit in their program well."

The Beavs' Danny Langsdorf has been running the recruiting point on Munoz (6-0, 180, 4.56) for Oregon State.

"I liked it, I think there's a big possibility I'll be going there," said Munoz. "It's really relaxed there, it's a fun place to play ball. I'm going to play it by ear. I'd like to start my season before I commit anywhere, but I'm also pretty unsure (on a timetable) right now. I have no idea."

Munoz first made a splash in May at the combine in Los Angeles.

"With plenty of California prospects to mix it up against, it was the Washington native Munoz who stood out amongst the receivers," says West Recruiting Analyst Brandon Huffman. "Munoz caught everything thrown to him. He made the tough catch and battled with the DB's all day. He played physical and with a swagger."

IT WAS FORTUITOUS Munoz ended up camping at Oregon State at all. Originally, he had planned to be at Washington State's camp instead but plans were forced to change.

"I called (WSU) and they invited me to go their camp, and they've sent me letters here and there. And I was going to go to Wazzu's camp but the transportation issue didn't work out, so I ended up going to Oregon State instead," said Munoz.

In addition to OSU and WSU, UNLV is the other school Munoz has heard most from.

"They send me text messages every once in a while, and then I have some other schools looking at me. UNLV said they'd be at my first few games next season," said Munoz.

TACOMA BOASTS a long line of football talent over the years who have gone on to star on college gridirons, a list that includes Marcus Trufant, Phil Carter, Ahmad Rashad (formerly Bobby Moore and also of Mount Tahoma) and Mike Levenseller. But Munoz says there are many more who never realize their potential.

"There's a lot of talent in Tacoma but for some reason, not a lot of people make it out of Tacoma -- grades, not making the right choices or just messing up. And I don't want to be one of those people," said Munoz.

Levenseller is someone Munoz knew by reputation, and has since started to get to know personally this offseason.

"I had heard he's a pretty cool guy and in talking to him, he sounds like a pretty cool guy. I like him," said Munoz.

Munoz said education will play a key role in his decision.

"And also, who passes the ball!" he laughed.

He has no future unofficial visits planned for this summer, although he'll be getting in plenty of football work.

"I'm going to be doing a lot of football. Our team is going to camp at Wenatchee High School, and then I'll just be doing my weightlifting and getting ready for the season," said Munoz.

Geno Munoz profile and video

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