I Wonder...

I wonder…why, at the start of games when the National Anthem is playing and hats are off, I always see at least one bald guy with a ponytail?

I wonder…is this one of those male lack of commitment things? Come on people, COMMIT!!! Either buy some Rogain or get a haircut.

I wonder…did Aric Williams have the punt coverage "play" planned all week?

I wonder…can Aric get away with any more 30-yard penalties without having to run so many bleachers that his legs look like Popeye's forearms?

I wonder…will black and orange makeup/face paint come off of my lucky Beaver ball cap, my lucky Beaver game day shirt, my lucky Beaver socks, my wife?

I wonder…is there a faster (or better) trio of linebackers in college football?

I wonder…if OSU had a track team, would Richard Siegler try out?

I wonder…how many people tailgate within hearing distance of Reser but never make it into the stadium? The number continues to grow.

I wonder…have those individuals heard about that new invention, the television.

I wonder…was Ryan Cesca trying to kick extra points through the Valley Center windows? He didn't miss by much.

I wonder…how good did Ryan feel after nailing the 51-yard field goal? It was sure good to see him have a good game.

I wonder…would Ryan go out for high jump if OSU had a track team?

I wonder…could James Lee have played any better? He absolutely dominated in the second half.

I wonder…does it make the coaches feel warm and fuzzy knowing they have the luxury of bringing James in to spell one of the other tackles?

I wonder…are football coaches allowed to feel warm and fuzzy?

I wonder…why there aren't more people wearing Nate Brentano Fan Club T-shirts?

I wonder…has Shawn Kintner has ever made a better catch?

I wonder…how much better will the James Gang be when Jayson Boyd gets healthy?

I wonder…could the Fresno State defensive back have went down any quicker when he saw big Mike Kuykendall coming at him on a sweep?

I wonder…do all of the Fresno State defensive backs wish Steven Jackson would run out of bounds instead of run into them? B. Carpenter, football expert, "Steven Jackson is not a run out of bounds kind of guy."

I wonder…how many autographs has Tim Euhus signed the last two weeks?

I wonder…does Tim get writer's cramp?

I wonder…did Rodney Landingham get a little too pumped up talking to Ken Simonton just before his 40-yard kickoff return that netted 5 yards and ended up at the 25-yard line?

I wonder…did the coaches yell, "No no no!" or did they quietly say to one another, "Man, those orange shoes look way better coming out of the end zone than they do when you take a touchback."

I wonder…how many peanut hulls you can put on the caps and shoulders of the people sitting in front of you without them knowing it? No wait, I know the answer to that one.

I wonder…how may people get hit in the head with stray footballs as they stand on the field after the game.

I wonder…why are those people mad when a ball hits them? Here is some free advice. If you don't want to get hit by a ball, don't go on the field, or at least stand on the sidelines. There are a lot of kids who have been sitting for 3-plus hours that need to get rid of a little energy.

I wonder…does it bother Lawrence Turner to be called Anton Clarkson in the Oregonian?

I wonder…does Anton Clarkson want to be called Lawrence Turner in the Oregonian?

I wonder…how high will the Beavers be ranked after the victory over FSU?

I wonder…how high will the Beavers be ranked after the victory over USC?

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