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Ken Simonton, the heat, Benny, and a guy on the dance team.

The heat.
The past two home games had a nasty wind throughout the entire game. I wore shorts both times and ended up freezing my butt off by the end of the game. In preparation for the wind chill factor I wore jeans this time, and boy was I hot. For almost the entire game the sun beat down on us. I was sweating like a pig, but that did not stop me from lifting my arms up in the air every time the Beavers scored. My apologies to the people around me...

Ken Simonton on the sidelines.
For the second straight home game, Ken Simonton was on the sidelines supporting his former team. Every time I see him I think to myself, "Why hasn't anybody picked him up yet?!" It is almost unbelievable that one of the best running backs ever in college football is not in the NFL. I wonder if Ken is holding out for the NFL because I know some CFL or AFL team would take him. He could probably become a star and fan favorite in either league.

Benny and his clunker.
Benny the Beaver has rode out in a go-cart designed to look like a classic car for the past two home games. This could be the start of a new tradition for Beaver home games and one that is unique and easily distinguishable from other traditions. It is kind of dorky, but cool at the same time.

Benny and his clunker and Ken Simonton.

The return of the MIB video.
The people in the athletic department decided to show the MIB video on the jumbotron for the Fresno State game. I was glad to see the video back. The Beavers are the men in black, they are the last, first, and only line of defense.

A guy on the flag team.
Ahhhh, the never ending debate of a guy on the flag team. What is his motivation? Either he is getting all the women on the team, he is gay, or his girlfriend is on the dance team. Now this started a debate between my friends and I. Would any of us join the flag team if our girlfriend was on it and asked us to join? Three of us know we would not, but the fourth guy we were a little iffy about. He may not end up joining the flag team, but he would certainly think about it. W H I P P E D

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