How Did They Pound Us? Let Me Count the Ways…

How did they pound us? Let me count the ways...<br><br> The Trojans pounded us to the depth and the breadth and height<br> and just about any other word that ends in th or ht I can think of tonight.

The offense was pounded, shoved around, and dominated,
now the message board resounds with posts of "Overrated!"

They pounded us the way your older brother pounded you again and again,
just for the entertainment value it provided him and his slimy friends.
The defense was pounded, on the field too long, their energy depleted,
they just couldn't make the big stop when it was really needed.

The special teams were pounded too, a dropped punt snap,
and penalties for violating the halo rule, more than a few.
Oh the pounding in my head when another pass was dropped,
or another post-turnover possession was started first and 15 after
a big defensive stop.

They pounded our quarterback, our offensive linemen,
they pounded just about anyone in a white jersey to be seen.
But that's nothing compared to the pounding a coach might have given the
guy on his cell phone, even if he was wearing jeans.

Beaver pride surely took a pounding on Saturday,
a pounding that won't be forgotten soon.
But my heart still pounds out black and orange,
I'll still be at Reser next Saturday, just after noon.

Take heart Beaver believers; hold your heads up,
it's just one loss, the season is not in ruins.
Because the pounding next week, will surely be handed out to the Bruins!!!

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