Home game report #1

It was a beautiful day in Corvallis; the temperature was perfect, not too hot, and not too cold. Footballs were flying in tailgating locales everywhere and the smell of food on barbecues filled the air. Ah, the 2007 Beaver football season had officially started.

The start of football season means that many of the off-season questions get answered, or at least partially answered. Questions, questions, questions…some non-expert answers, answers, answers.

Question: Who will be, “The Man,” at quarterback?
Answer: Beats me. Both quarterbacks had good moments and bad moments. The consensus seems to be that Sean Canfield separated himself a little bit but not enough to say that he is the, for sure, starter.

Question: Can Yvenson Bernard be stopped?
Answer: A definite no if he keeps running like he ran on Thursday and if the offensive line keeps blocking like they did on Thursday. Yvenson showed the quickness and toughness that makes him one of the premier backs in the nation.

Question: How good will the cornerbacks be this year?
Answer: As far as you can tell from one game, pretty good. Brandon Hughes especially looked terrific. He looks much stronger than he did last year. Keenan Lewis looked pretty good for as long as he was in. OSU is noted as an engineering school. Can someone engineer an anti-cramping medicine for Keenan?

Question: How about them safeties?
Answer: How about them!? Daniel Drayton and Al Afalava both played great games. They (and the entire defense for that matter) flew to the ball and played very physical defense. You could tell that the Utah receivers were looking for the safeties, instead of for the ball, on plenty of passes.

Question: How many students would be at the game and how loud would they be?
Answer: Classes have not started yet so the student section was not anywhere near capacity -- but the students that were at the game were very loud. A very nice job by the student body.

Question: Would the new, bowled-in stadium be louder than the old one?
Answer: Can’t tell, there weren’t enough people in the new section to make a call.

Question: Is there any chance that the Beavers will overlook Cincinnati or, in two weeks, Idaho State?
Answer: I think that the University of Michigan has made the possibility of overlooking an opponent a very, very, very remote possibility.

Question: Did anybody not get excited by the play of the freshmen receivers?
Answer: A resound "no."



Big Question #1: The big, huge, humongous, burning, all encompassing, mega-important question of the off-season wasn’t, “Who will be the starting QB?” or “How good will the offense be?” or “Who will replace Kyle Loomis?” or “How good will the new Jumbotron be?” or…

No, the big, huge, humongous, burning, all encompassing, mega-important question of the off-season was, “What size will the cheerleader pom-poms be this year?”

Answer: The cheerleader pom-poms are back to standard size. This is good news for people who were actually bothered by last year’s mitten sized pom-poms, but it is bad news for people who write post-game recaps.


Big Question #2: What is up with the new uniforms?
Preface to Answer: Big Momma Orange and I have been out of the country for the past five months and we have not had a chance to see the new uniforms. This Thursday was the very first time that we had the pleasure of seeing them.

Answer/Impressions: The new uniforms certainly are “different.” Here are three questions that we have:

  • Did someone have a sale on orange pennies? (NOTE: For those youngsters out there that don’t know what pennies are; they are the pullovers that players wear over their shirts so you can distinguish which team is which in intramural sports competitions.) - or -
  • Did someone have a sale on extra-small orange wife-beaters? – or –
  • Did someone have a sale on orange sports bras? (I know, I know, overused, but give us a break, we were in another country the last few months.)


Big Daddy Orange can be reached at bigdaddyorange@beaverfootball.com. Who's your Big Daddy?

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