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The Trojan walk, miked cheerleaders, and the Women of Troy...

The Trojan Walk
USC has a Trojan walk that is similar to the Oregon State walk. Before the game, the team rides the bus near the Coliseum, then gets off and begins their trek through the parking lots and around the stadium to the front entrance. Screaming and yelling Trojan fans line the front gate as the team passes through to the tune of the USC fight song blaring over the loudspeakers. Even though I was an Beaver fan, I got jacked up during the Trojan walk. I think the fight song is what puts it over the top.

Miked Cheerleaders
In front of the student seating in the coliseum, two men on ladders, with mikes, lead the student in cheering the entire game. This is probably the most ridicules thing I have ever seen at a football game. It was very annoying as well.

Lack of Noise/Friendly Environment
I was astonished at the lack of noise Trojan fans did not make. USC fans were the noisiest after a play happened, not during a big third down nor during a big fourth down. If the Trojans stopped the Beavers on fourth down, then it would get loud, but never before the play.

The Coliseum is the least threatening away stadium I have ever been to. I never felt threatened before the game, during the game, or after the game. Most of the Trojan fans that we talked to were extremely nice and I feel they would have been that way even if the Beavers would have won. I think I felt safe because Southern California fans are lackadaisical.

We sat in front of three very nice USC fans that educated us on all of USC's traditions, including their intense hate for the Bruins and all of their fight songs.

The front of the Coliseum and Traveller.


The "trashy" neighborhood
I heard from numerous people that the neighborhood around the stadium was trashy. When we arrived and drove around the stadium, we were astonished. The surrounding neighborhoods were fine. Sure, they were not the most affluent communities in Southern California, but you were by no means in the ghetto. The trashy neighborhood story is a myth.

Women of Troy.
Hmmmmm. The Women of Troy. I think they are technically cheerleaders, but they actually don't do any flips, cheers or jumps. From what I saw they are the kinky version of cheerleaders. There is no doubt in my mind that they are there to dance provocatively and shake their booty.

Beer at the Coliseum.
To the best of our knowledge, we did not think any team in the Pac-10 could not sell beer at home games. But, we found out that the Coliseum is owned by the city of Los Angeles and therefore can sell whatever they want, not matter what the university has to say.

Students can use their ID card to buy food at the stadium, but not alcohol. I am sure if they allowed students to buy alcohol there would be a lot of drunk, hungry students.

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