The Beaver Beat (September 6, 2007)

A win's a win's a win – even if you're Appalachian State. Sure, the receivers can't catch, the quarterbacks can't throw and everybody in the crowd can't figure out where the fireworks went. But it's still 1-0 for the good guys. Welcome to Week Two in the 2007 Beaver football season.


We learned from Utah how well the two-quarterback system works - or, in this case, doesn't.

*Lyle Moevao won the Derek Anderson Memorial Award for throwing the most passes directly to the opposite team, and came away with two picks to show for it (thanks to Utah getting a case of the drops, which probably cut this number in half). At least he was able to show off his wheels, piling up -5 yards on a sac…uh, backwards run up the middle.

*Sean Canfield looked a little bit better, throwing one pick on a long pass into the wind that just didn't have enough air beneath it. He looked shaky, but a full week of reps as the starter should give him more of a chance to feel comfortable and develop a rhythm.

*Happy birthday, Jeremy Perry! You and what's left of your leg can take a two-month vacation.

*As we speak, Keenan Lewis has leg cramps.

*Chances are that the starting quarterback on most teams OSU faces this year will not be made out of papier mache.

*The fireworks disappeared. Mostly. Unless you count sound effects over the loudspeaker as "fireworks". I don't, for what it's worth.

*Sports bra.


*We have a starting quarterback! Mostly! As written above, it took a month of fall practice and one ugly Lyle Moevao performance to make Sean Canfield the starting quarterback. Wait, this was supposed to be the good news. At least he looks good in those uniforms!

*Sammie's back! Mostly! And if Slade Norris can resist the urge to maim the punter this week, he might even get the chance to return a punt. In seriousness, it's good to have Sammie back, and here's hoping that he takes things as slow or as fast as he wants and needs – he's given enough to Beaver Nation to earn that right.

*In all likelihood, Perry's injury won't be season-dooming for Oregon State, or for Perry himself. While JP is the best offensive lineman we have, as Yvenson Bernard pointed out this week, the team did just alright without Perry in the Sun Bowl last year (Yve had 96 yards rushing on 23 carries, Matt Moore was only sacked twice), and Adam Speer is at least a passable replacement. Moreover, Perry has enough physical ability that it shouldn't hurt his chances of making the pros if he misses a few weeks.

*18 rushing yards. 196 total yards. Giving up seven points to a Utah offense that had scored less than that only TWICE since 2001. Yeah, the defense is going to be OK, even if every team they face this year isn't going to be coached by Andy Ludwig.

*2007. 2008. 2009. God willing, 2010. Darrell Catchings and James Rodgers as members of the receiving corps. Salivate.

*Did Yvenson Bernard really look that good last week? 165 yards rushing and way more moves than I ever remember him showing. It's going to be a fun year for St. Bernard.



*Oregon's good, but they're no Appalachian State. Three touchdown win for Michigan.

*Walks (more than two TD's): California over CSU, WSU over San Diego State, Arizona State over Colorado.

*Struggles (less than two TD's): Boise State over Washington, UCLA over BYU, Stanford over nobody.

*And finally, Oregon State. Here's the sum total of everything I know, or have ever cared to know about Cincinnati:

Their message boards are hideous.

They have a stupid mascot.

"That's. About. It."

Lots of people are scared about this game, and I will admit some apprehension. After all, it's hard to find an opponent that would be more "unknown" than the Bearcats. They have a new coach, a new system, new personnel, and only a game against a D-1AA (FBS and FCS be damned) school to judge their abilities and tendencies. Moreover, Oregon State has NEVER faced Cincinnati in any sport, according to the KPAM pregame show that I'm listening to as I try to fit this article in before deadline/kickoff.

The best comparison I've heard for this game would be Fresno State in 2003, when Riley and company went down to Fresno with almost every prominent Beaver to don a uniform after Ken Simonton and lost by a score of 16-14. That's probably a fair comparison, but I think this Beaver team is probably better prepared to play a tough team on the road than they were in Riley's first game back against a D-1 opponent. Since that game, OSU has gone into Berkeley (twice), Honolulu and Baton Rouge and defeated (or nearly defeated) four quality teams.

Best case scenario for this game would be that OSU plays like this game is on a neutral field, without any kind of emotional letdown ala UCLA last year, and performs consistently at the level it needs to in order to win. Nothing flashy, nothing earth-shattering, just playing good football and putting up a two- or three-touchdown win.

Worst case scenario is that the Beavers treat this like Louisville, completely forget that they're a decent football team, get hit hard in the chin early on, never recover, and lay another egg that's seen everywhere on a nationwide ESPN broadcast.

This team and program has come too far under Riley for that to happen. Canfield will grind out ugly offense with Bernard in the backfield, and the defense will be too much for Cincinnati to handle. Call it Utah redux.

27-14. I hope.

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