DRIVE CHART: Oregon State at Cincinnati

A blow by blow account of Oregon State's 34-3 loss to Cincinnati Sept. 6.


Cincinnati won the toss and choose to receive.  Jacob Ramsey takes the opening kickoff and returns it 31 yards to the UC36.  A fumbled snap and a false start amidst two complete passes forces 4th and 16.  Kevin Huber punts 35 yards out of bounds.

OSU takes the ball at their own 35 at 12:58.  Sammie Stroughter starts at split end.  Following an incomplete pass and a complete pass for no gain Sean Canfield makes a bad read trying to hook up with Stroughter as safety Haruki Nakamura follows his eyes and picks off his pass at the OSU41 returning it to the OSU21.

On first down Jeff Van Orsow grabs his first sack of the year.  One rush and incomplete pass later Jake Rogers connects on a 38 yard field goal at 10:39.

Cincinnati 3, Oregon State 0

Gerard Lawson returns the kickoff 32 yards to the OSU 34.  The UC defense forces a three and out.  Serna gets off a 34 yard punt.  Patrick Fuller makes a good stick on Nakamura.

Cincinnati takes the ball at 8:57.  Ben Mauk hooks up with Dominick Goodman for a 17-yard gain the games first, first down of the game.  A holding penalty and a sack by Slade Norris force 4th and 24.  With Stroughter back to return Huber kicks the ball out of bounds at the OSU12.

Two rushes on the right side of the line and a 9-yard completion to Shane Morales give the Beavers their first, first down of the game.  A couple plays later Canfield finds Anthony Brown for another first down.  Two plays sniffed out by UC force 4th and 5 and Serna's second punt of the game which is downed at the UC3 at 1:00.

UC runs out the clock with two runs.



Defense forces another three and out.  Stroughter fields the ball at the OSU41 returning it 36 yards to the UC23. 

One stuffed run and two short completions results in 4th and 8.  Serna misses the field goal wide right, his first miss in nine attempts, at 12:28.

The Bearcats pick up one first down, but Norris notches his second sack of the game hauling the drive.  The 57-yard punt results in a touchback.

In Oregon State's best drive the game, and the only one resulting in points, the team picks up four first downs in route to a 31-yard field. The drive is highlighted by a 20-yard catch by Brandon Powers, a 18-yard grab by Howard Croom and a 10-yard catch by Darrell Catchings on third down.  Two incomplete passes and a broken play kill the drive.  Serna connects on a 31-yard field goal at 6:00.

Cincinnati 3, Oregon State 3

An illegal block in the back on the kickoff by UC pushes the ball back to the UC15.  UC picks up back to back first downs on a 22-yard reception by Marcus Barnett and a holding penalty on Bryan Payton.  Three incomplete a passes, including a circus catch by Marcus Barnett that was reviewed, stalls the drive.

At 3:54 OSU starts the drive at their own 29.  After a 14-yard completion to Howard Croom, Canfield throws his second interception of the game as Angelo Craig goes under Tavita Thompson to affect Canfield's throwing motion.  Corey Smith returns the ball to the OSU31 at 1:46.

After two first downs Mauk finds Barnett in the corner of the endzone for the first touchdown of the game.

Cincinnati 10, Oregon State 3

The Beavers run out the clock.



Lawson returns the second half kickoff 26 yards to the OSU27.  Three rushing plays later Serna punts 28 yards to the UC37.

Mauk and the offense put together one of their better drives of the night, picking up three first downs, but a holding penalty and another fumbled snap, recovered by Mauk, results in 4th and 37.  In the one of the most crucial plays of the game Stroughter calls for a fair catch inside the OSU5, Brad Jones runs into Stroughter before he can field the ball, but the referees don't see it.  Jones recovers the ball on the OSU2.

Two rushing plays later running back Bradley Glatthaar finds the endzone on the left side at 6:49 as the Bearcats go up 14.

Cincinnati 17, Oregon State 3

UC forces a three and out as Canfield wings three incomplete passes.  One could really tell Canfield was not in the game mentally here.  He missed a wide open Bernard on his second pass.

Nakumura fair catches the 33 yard punt at the UC45 at 6:20.  The Beavers force 3rd and 14 but Brandon Hughes is called for pass interference giving UC a new set of downs.  Another fumbled snap, recovered once again by Mauk stalls the drive.  Rogers connects on a 55 yard field goal at 3:20.

Cincinnati 20, Oregon State 3

Things really start to unravel for OSU as the Bearcats force another three and out, the Beavers third consecutive.  On the punt Marcus Gilyard breaks threw and blocks the punt with his back.  Marcus Barnett recovers the ball in the endzone for a touchdowns.  The rout is on.

Cincinnati 27, Oregon State 3

Three straight pass completions result in a first down, OSU's first of the second half, but Canfield wings his third interception of the game as DeAngelo Smith makes a fantastic grab and play to get one foot down on an overthrown ball as he goes out of bounds at the UC47.

Mauk finds a wide open Greg Moore streaking down the sideline for a 50-yard touchdowns as the entire defense bites on a fake.

Cincinnati 34, Oregon State 3

Bernard is taken out of the game as Matt Sieverson takes over.  Lyle Moevao takes over.



Moevao starts out with a bang hitting Brandon Powers on the sideline for a 35 yard gain, the Beavers largest offensive play of the game.  Powers catches two more passes for another first down.  The success is short lived as Nakamura steps in front of the receiver for his second pick of the game at 13:16.

Cincinnati's offense takes the field once again picking up two first downs before Keaton Kristick forces Barnett to fumble with Alan Darlin recovering at the OSU32.

Moevao guns his second interception of the game as Smith nabs his second pick of the game.  James Rodgers makes a heady play as he forces Smith to fumble and recovers the ball on the UC43.  With the ball back, the Beavers go four and out.

The Bearcats keep it on the ground going three and out punting at 2:34.

In the final drive of the game, the offense generates four first downs, with Brady Camp recording his first career catch.  The game fittingly ends as Moevao throws his third interception, this time to Brad Jones who kneels down at the UC25 to end the game.

Final score: Cincinnati 34, Oregon State 3

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