QUOTES: Oregon State at Cincinnati

Oregon State coach and player quotes after OSU's 34-3 loss to the Bearcats Sept. 6.

Coach Mike Riley
"We just got thoroughly beaten by a team tonight that did a very nice job, and we just got beaten badly."

On turning the ball over seven times
"All of the first points were opportunities in which we handed the ball over, and we're just going to have to work to get better. That is it, and it is just a whole team thing. Field position is the name of the game, and in a game like that, it made all of the difference in the world. They took advantage of it.  We just got thoroughly beaten by a team tonight that did a very nice job. We did not."

On the turnover right before half
"Right before halftime, those points in there were bad points. They got the touchdown just before the half; those were bad points. Sean (Canfield) actually got hit as he was throwing the ball, and the ball fluttered up in the air. He was throwing a corner route. That made all of the difference in the world."

On UC's team speed
"They were right on top of plays.  We knew they were fast. They took the speed of the game a couple notches up. They really played to that. I was impressed with them on film.  In game speed, they pick it up a couple notches."

On Stroughter
"Stroughter did some good things. He had a nice punt return early. The fumble was a tough thing. It was just one of those plays in the game. We're glad to have him back."

On switching quarterbacks
"I thought about making a change a couple times.  The change was really to give (Moevao) his opportunity. It's a shame the game was in such bad shape. It's something we have to get better at. Everybody has to help them."


QB Sean Canfield
"They were really quick. It's something we have to get better at and adjust to for next week. They're not the biggest guys physically. You never like these games, but it's something we can grow from and get better at."

On his interceptions
"You can't make mistakes like that and expect to win a ballgame."

On being Moevao replacing him in the fourth
"It was fine. We were down by so much. Lyle came in and did a good job for the most part."

On UC's speed
"Looking at them on film, they were really quick, they were quite a bit quicker than Utah," said Beavers quarterback Sean Canfield. "It was something we had to adjust to and it we didn't really get used to it too quick."

On his second interception right before halftime
"I was throwing it to Sammie (Stroughter) on the corner route on that. I should have been expecting to get hit, it was my fault."

On Stroughter
"Sammie is a great player. It was good to see him back. I think he's still the player he always was."


OG Roy Schuening
"We have got to learn from it. They played their tails off, we didn't. The offensive line didn't come ready to play. I'm not saying we overlooked them, but we weren't ready to play today."

On UC's speed
"They played their tails off, we didn't. We just weren't ready to play. They were a little faster than we thought and it took some adjusting to them."

On the offense's struggles
"When the defense goes out and plays like that we've got to reward them, and we didn't reward them.  I got mad, and I let guys know about it. I called out the whole offense."


DE Jeff Van Orsow
"So we don't go undefeated. All right, fine.  You've got to just learn from it, there's nothing else you can do. We'll go back home, start from scratch and look forward to one game at a time."

On being on the field too long
"Yeah, but that's our job. We're supposed to defend our goal line so we need to tighten that up.  That's on us. We made turnovers an emphasis last year. We have to make that a point this year.  It was a battle, but we didn't run out of gas. We understand it's a team (game). We are trying to get through some stuff right now. We are just trying to do our part on defense and get into a situation we can win."

On the defense's performance
"We understand what's going on (defensively) and I thought we played pretty well today. It's encouraging because we know what kind of defense we can play. We just have to do it for four quarters."


WR Sammie Stroughter
"It felt good just to be out there again.  "It was a big relief - like therapy. They came and made plays. And we didn't execute the way we should have. And you know, it's my fault, too. We just have to get better."

On his fumble
"It happens. It did feel good to be back on the field. Now, we just have to go back to day one and focus and execute."

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