A blow by blow account of Oregon State's 40-14 loss to UCLA Sept. 29.

First quarter

Oregon State wins the toss and defers. Matt Slater returns the ball to 21 yards to the UCLA 22 yard line.

On the first play of the game Kahlil Bell fumbles the ball. Al Afalava scoops the ball up at the 35 yard line and returns it to the UCLA 28.

Three rushes moves the ball to the UCLA 20 yard line before Yvenson Bernard plunges ahead for a first down on 4th and 1. James Rodgers does a great job on third down to make it third and short instead of third and long as he escaped a tackle in the backfield. A pass to Bernard out of the backfield on second down that went for a touchdown is erased on an offensive face mask call on Howard Croom. Two passes later the Beavers face 4th and 20. Alexis Serna missed a 45-field goal wide left, a bad snap didn't help matters.

UCLA takes over at their own 28 with 11:25 left in the quarter. On the first play of UCLA's second possession Dorian Smith strips the ball from Bell, Afalava recovers his second fumble of the game and returns it 33 yards for the Beavers first touchdown of the game

Oregon State 7, UCLA 0

Matt Slater returns the kickoff 31 yards to the UCLA 41, but the Beaver defense forces three and out. Taylor Kavanaugh field the punt at the OSU16.

On first down Sean Canfield finds Darrell Catchings for a 31-yard gain on a bubble screen, the Beavers longest completion of the game, moving OSU into UCLA territory. Five straight plays to Bernard, including a 16-yard run, results in two first downs. After an 8-yard completion to Anthony Brown on 3rd and 6, their only third down conversion of the game, to move the ball to the UCLA15 Canfield throws a horrible pass on a botched screen that is intercepted by Trey Brown and returned to the UCLA10.

Beaver defense once again forces three. Kavanaugh returns the punt to the OSU47 but an illegal block in the back moves the ball 10-yards back.

With 4:31 in the quarter the offense goes on on 11-play, 63 yard drive. They pick up four first downs, including a 7-yard reception by Gabe Miller on 4th and 2 to keep the drive alive. Following a spectacular 14-yard run by Bernard in which he spun and bounced his way to 1st and goal he plunges in for the Beavers second and final touchdown of the game.

Oregon State 14, UCLA 0

UCLA runs one rushing play to run out the clock.


Second quarter

Back to back sacks, one by Pernell Booth and Jeff Kruskamp, the other by Victor Butler forces 4th and 25. Aaron Perez punts the ball to the UCLA48.

A 13-yard completion to Brandon Powers results in a first down, but a holding penalty by Adam Speer on second down pushes the team 10 yards back. On 3rd and 17 Canfield throws another horrible pass as Brown picks him off for the second time returning the ball to the UCLA36.

Ben Olson goes deep to Joe Cowan but overthrows the ball, Cowan grabs Keenan Lewis to prevent the interception as offensive pass interference is called. The Bruins complete two passes but fail in third down again. Perez punts the ball 40 yards, Kavanaugh returns it six yards to the OSU29.

With 11:03 on the clock the Beaver offense takes the field. Canfield completes three straight passes, but for a measly seven yards. Serna punts the ball 29 yards. Terrance Austin returns it five yards to the UCLA40.

UCLA picks up their first first down of the game as Olson finds Bell on a 34-yard screen pass moving the ball to the OSU36. Bell rushes five times picking up 16 yards and one first down. An incomplete pass on third down results in 4th and 9. Kai Forboth connects on a 37-yard field goal with 5:40 on the clock.

Oregon State 14, UCLA 3

Gerard Lawson returns the kickoff seven yards to the OSU23. Offense goes three and out. Serna punts the ball 31 yards, Austin returns it nine yards to the 50-yard line. The offense has the ball just 1:26 before the defense has to take the field again.

With 4:10 on the clock UCLA mixes in the pass and run picking up three first downs moving to the OSU7 before a completed pass for a four yard loss results in 4th and 9. Forbath makes a 28-yard field goal.

Oregon State 14, UCLA 6

Canfield takes a knee to end the half.


Third quarter

Lawson returns the opening second half kickoff 32 yards to the OSU41. Two rushing plays for no gain an a 4-yard completion to Brown result in a punt. Serna shanks the ball 12 yards out of bounds to the UCLA43.

Beaver defense comes up big again forcing the Bruins to go three and out again. Perez gets off a great punt as it is downed at the OSU2.

An 11-yard completion to Gabe Miller gives the Beavers some breathing room, but on 1st and 10 from their own 13 Canfield is sacked and fumbles the ball. Christian Taylor recovers the ball at the OSU5.

A holding penalty by OSU moves the ball even close on second down. Two rushes later Bell smashes into the endzone for the Bruins first touchdown of the game. The two point conversion fails.

Oregon State 14, UCLA 12

Lawson returns the ball 22 yards to the OSU30 with 10:38 on the clock. A 10-yard run by Bernard results in a first down, but back to back incomplete passes on second and third down stall the drive. Serna punts 26 yards to the UCLA27. Offense holds the ball for just 1:28.

An 18-yard completion to Joe Cowan on 3rd and 2 keeps the drive alive. Seven consecutive rushing plays result in two more first downs moving the ball to the OSU 9. Back to back false starts move the back to the 16 yard line. Brandon Hughes jumps the air and intercepts his first career pass at the OSU12 returning it to the OSU16.

Four straight rushes by Bernard result in a first down and then 3rd and 4. An incomplete pass to Morales results in another punt. Serna punts 25 yards out of bounds to the UCLA39 with 1:29 in the quarter.

UCLA picks up a first down before the quarter ends.


Fourth quarter

On a controversial call Lewis is called for pass interference on 3rd and 14, the ball was tipped at the line of scrimmage, resulting in a first down. A false start, a delay of game and a bone crushing sack by Joey LaRocque on third down result in 4th and 19 and a punt. Perez punts 32 yards to the OSU12.

Matt Sieverson enters the game running twice for seven yards. Serna punts 28 yards to the OSU47. Offense has the ball for just 52 seconds.

The Bruin offense tries to one up the Beaver offense. An illegal formation and substitution infraction amid two incomplete passes stall the drive. Perez punts 33 yards to the OSU17. UCLA had the ball for just 25 seconds.

Two rushes by Bernard result in a first down. An incomplete pass on first down and two rushes by Bernard on the following downs force 4th and 5. Serna gets off his best punt of the game a 51-yard boot to the UCLA16, but Lawson hits Austin out of bounds for a 15-yard penalty. The first of many, many mistakes by the normally reliable Lawson.

On 2nd and 10 from the UCLA31 Olson finds Brandon Breazell on a slip screen in the middle of the field, Alan Darlin misses the tackle and Breazell goes 69-yards for the score with 9:12 in the game.

UCLA 19, Oregon State 14

This is where is really gets ugly. Caution - only read if you have a strong stomach. Lawson misjudges a short kickoff and tries to under the ball but fumbles at the OSU23. Matt Slater recovers at the OSU21.

UCLA sticks to the ground as Bell runs three times for 21 yards plunging in from four yards out on 2nd and goal for the score.

UCLA 26, Oregon State 14

Lawson returns the kickoff 22 yards before John Hale strips the ball from Lawson. Rodney Van recovers the ball at the OSU29 with 8:03 on the clock.

The Bruins once again stick to the ground game picking a first down. But the Beaver defense shuts down two running plays to force 3rd and 13. Unfortunately Olson finds Breazell for a 30-yard touchdown pass across the middle of the field to put the game away for good.

UCLA 33, Oregon State 14

Amazingly Lawson fumbles the kickoff for the third straight time but mercifully the ball rolls out of bounds at the OSU23. A sack on second down kills this drive. Serna lines up to punts from the OSU 20 with just over four minutes to play. Korey Bosworth comes through untouched and blocks the kick. UCLA recovers at the OSU21 with 4:28 left to play.

Five rushing plays later UCLA is in the endzone again.

UCLA 40, Oregon State 14

James Rodgers returns the kickoff this time taking it five yards to the OSU24. Canfield connects with Catchings for a first down, but a sack on 3rd and 10 kills the drive. The offense goes for it on 4th and 24, but fittingly the snap is fumbled, Canfield recovers and it a turnover on downs.

UCLA takes a knee to run out the remaining 14 seconds.

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