WGW: Week six dogs

Last week was a bleeder and this Beaver was bleeding and tearing. Forget the mental picture of a tough Italian with a cigar hanging out of his mouth, think schoolboy crying. Not only did Oregon State self destruct, but they damaged my bankroll in the process.

The record for BeavaBleeda last week was 1-3 and a loss of $2,530. The only winner was a pissant penny play on the Cal at UO UNDER. My record on the year stands at 9-10 and the bankroll has dipped below the starting point for the first time standing at $9530.

This week is value dog weekend for Bleeda.  The Pac-10 will be ignored. We have a very deep conference this year and it's always the toughest one in the nation to handicap. So you ask, why action on the west coast? Because that's what we west coast wiseguys like to watch and most of us obviously like to have action on those games we enjoy watching.

This week it's serious business and time to wise up. Fun and games shenanigans go only so far. Sorry Pac-10 fans, no commentary on our beloved conference games this week;it's all about the best doggies on the board this weekend. Three of my games feature Big 10 teams, so you Rose Bowl lovers keep reading.

#9 Florida +7.5 at #1 LSU. Game of the Week in most peeps books. RWG loves the hook in this game because it should be a touchdown margin either way the chips fall. The Tigers have played a bunch of pussycats so far and they get their first real test this Friday as the best in the SEC West takes on the best in the SEC East. This could be an early glimpse of the SEC championship if Florida wins.

Watch the new AP #1 ranking geaux to the Tigers heads. College kids are cocky and prone to relax once they feel they are at the top of the mountain. Quarterback Tim Tebow of Florida is a mannimal. What's that you ask? Watch the game and check him out. No more questions please. $550 to win $500.

#5 Wisconsin +2.5 at Illinois. The wrong team is favored in this one. This Beava is playin' the Badgers on the moneyline, odds are at +120. The Fighting Illini is known for their basketball, not their football. Granted they are holding their own so far as the surprise of the Big 10, but it's time for a reality check.

The Badgers have been winning ugly and they will continue to do so in a grinder. They currently have a national best winning streak of 14 games - make it 15. $500 to win $600. How do you like dem marbles?

#4 Ohio State at #23 Purdue +7.5. Big 10 game of the week and will be nationally televised on ABC. OSU is overrated. Yep, you heard me right OSU (both of them). And what the hell is a Boilermaker? Someone that makes boiles?

One thing is for certain 62,500 Boilermaker fans wearing old gold and black will boil Ross-Ade Stadium like a pot. That place will be bumping as Purdue tries to go 6-0 for the first time since winning all nine of their games in 1943. They average 45.4 points per game so expect a shootout.

Home ranked team with touchdown and da hook definitely has value. $770 cold ones to win $700.

Eastern Michigan +31 at Michigan. Bleeda, you throwing down greenbacks on Eastern Michigan? Are you crazy? Answer is no, remember the Ducks beat the Wolverines in the Big House and also some team called Appalachian State.

Bert Sugar is on the Eagles and this guy is hotter than a naked ASU coed. Michigan is 7-15-1 against the spread in their last 23 home games. I'm not impressed with 107,000 plus capacity Big House and Wolverines are another one of those teams just living off their name and tradition.

Don't get me wrong, they will win the game but not by more than 31. $550 will pay me a nickel.

Good luck this weekend with all your high risk investments. Gambling is the new American pastime. It sure isn't baseball. BLEED DAT!

Your opinions, feedback, and emails are always welcome. Feel free to give me your pick of the week for next week and you may just get published. Bleeda can be reached at beavableeda@beaverfootball.com.

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