WSW: Grandma is Greedy

Last week was very ho hum for Bleeda going 2-2 and dropping $270. The year's bankroll stands at $9,260 and overall record is 11-12. Grandma is getting greedy this week and is demanding results.

Berkeley Grandma's chapter will be meeting Friday night at the Albatross and is currently recruiting new members. BeaverBobe is bringing down some of the SE P-Town and West Slope boys to Cal. There will be $100 darts games going on in the back room, so if you make the trip join our Oregon contingent as they take on the Berkeley wiseguys.

Ok, time to get willy nilly. BeavaBleeda is releasing nothing but winners this week. If you haven't jumped on the bandwagon yet, you better do it today. Ride Bleeda's coat tails all the way to the bank. We have some big plays this week for those that are not timid and want to join in the money making madness. On to the picks.

Washington +12 at #14 Arizona State. Udub is coming off a bye week and ASU will be looking ahead to Cal.

None of the Sun Devils six opponents have been ranked, and the three it has faced in the Pac-10 have a combined 2-8 conference record. Watch Dennis Erickson get more grey hairs.

This one could be an upset. There is lots of value with the Huskies getting 12 points. $1100 to win $1000.

Arizona at #10 USC -21. The Wildcats didn't look very good in Corvallis last week and don't expect them to look any better down in So Cal.

The Trojans will right the ship and take it out on Stoops and company. Coach Carroll will have his boys ready to play. It looks like redshirt sophomore Mark Sanchez will probably be making his first career start.

The Dirty Sanchez era starts Saturday. $440 to win $400.

#1 LSU -10 at #17 Kentucky. Geaux Tigers! LSU leads the country in total defense and only gives up an average of 9.3 points per game.

Tucky wide receiver Keenan Burton summed it up by saying, "They know how to put their foot on your throat, and they won't let you do anything." This is going to be like stealing money from a baby.

Grandma is getting greedy and its Bleeda's 5* play this week. $2200 to win $2000.


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