WGW: Watch the unbeaten fall

Bleeda had a bloody weekend last week and went 0-3. He now stands at 11-15 on the year and bankroll is down to $5,520. Week 8 is notorious for upsets and this prognosticator is forecasting that another handful of unbeatens will fall.

I whack at my computer now after an evening of multiple pitchers of beers at the country club and a post game carne asada burrito from one of the famous Mexican dives on SE 82nd Ave in P-Town. Rule of thumb when it comes to Mexican joints, the dirtier the better.

Reports are in from the Oregon wiseguy contingent that went to Berkeley last weekend and apparently we did not represent in the darts room at the Albatross. Bezerkley's crazy Cosmo had his way with our boys and pocketed a handful of Benjamin's. Anyhow, I digress. Let's talk some football.

#2 South Florida at Rutgers +2. Think Louisville game last year. The Bulls honeymoon at #2 will be short lived as they travel away from the friendly confines of Florida and enter the Northeast. Drank some brews with a Rutgers alumni tonight and he convinced me the Scarlet Knights will take care of business. Ray Rice running back for Rutgers is dangerous and he will be licking his lips at the opportunity to run against the Bulls not with them. Rutgers $1100 to win $1000.

#13 USC at Notre Dame OVER 45. This number just seems way to low. The Trojans are averaging 34 points per game and could easily drop 40 plus on the Domers. Freshman running back Joe Knight looked good last week for USC and watch for him to look even better this week. This weekend is the perfect opportunity for the Pac 10 powerhouse to break out of its funk and what better way to do it then dropping a boat load of points on Notre Dame. OVER 45 $1100 to win $1000.

That's all I got this week. Not much is jumping out and my tank is on empty. Beaver Nation enjoy the BYE week. Clean the garage, take the kids to a pumpkin patch, or hell, just watch college football all day.

Bleed it!

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