Twenty things to do on a Beaver bye week

No Beaver football game this weekend! What is Beaver Nation to do? Bleeda is here to the rescue to give you twenty ideas of things to do to keep ya busy.

  1. Duh! Just watch all the other college football games. Or better yet travel up to Seattle and watch the Huskies upset the University of Zero. It's the 100th meeting between the schools and a major trap game for the Ducks since they have USC and ASU on the slate the next two weeks. Yep, you heard it here first. Huskies in the upset!

  2. Watch the replay of the Oregon State victory over #2 Cal.

  3. Spend some quality time with the family. Take the kids out to one of many festive pumpkin patches. Be careful about those hay mazes, some can take an hour.

  4. Go to Las Vegas and camp out in the sportbook all weekend. If you can't afford the airfare just head off to one of many Indian casinos in the Northwest. Better yet just go to Vegas, and SD Beaver may even let you crash on his couch.

  5. Do the honeydos. Clean the garage, do the yardwork, fix the leaky faucet, and then take the Mrs. out to dinner. Hell, it's an idea but you can always resort to option #1 and watch football if you are feeling lazy.

  6. Go scout the pee-wee football players in your local neighborhood. We need to find talent at a young age. If we can find the prized recruits at age 8, Beaver nation will rise.

  7. Troll on other Pac 10 message boards. I recommend since that is our next opponent. Start your trash talking early.

  8. Invite your neighbors and fellow Beaver Believers over for a barbeque. Start breaking down the OSU vs. Stanford game and of course predict a blow-out.

  9. Check and see if your company offers an Educational matching donation. You can apply this to your BASF donation and it will even raise your seating priority level points. Many big corporations offer this match and many Beavers are not taking advantage of this.

  10. Attend one of Grandma's functions in one of many Portland's finest drinking dungeons. If you don't know where they are at send me an email or just ask your local bookie or your friend's local bookie.

  11. Go shopping. Head to one of the Beaver stores and load up on orange paraphernalia. Buy a Beaver flag and hang it proudly from your home. This will piss off all the Ducks in your neighborhood. Hell, they piss me off for flying their flag.

  12. Sleep in, go out for breakfast, drink all the beer in your fridge, and then invite your buddies over for a poker party. In between, make sure you have college football games playing in the background.

  13. Visit your grandma and grandpa or any other relatives you always say you are going to visit but always procrastinate and never do.

  14. Buy a copy of the Beaver media guide or read it online. Memorize every player's number and where they are from. There will be a quiz!

  15. Go see a movie. I recommend any of the McMenamins theaters. They are cheap and you can drink beer there. This is a no-brainer. NB baby!

  16. Go play some football.

  17. Go deep-sea fishing on the Oregon Coast. Or maybe clams, crabs, and oysters (sounds like some combo-disease).

  18. Do nothing. But this includes watching the cult-classic movie Slacker.

  19. Go to Corvallis and pretend there is a college football game at Reser. Go through your regular pre-game tailgate ritual. (Not sure if they will let you in the stadium, but it's worth a shot).

  20. If not sure, please refer to #1. It's college football season for goodness sake! You have to watch college football, even if the Beavers aren't playing!



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