DRIVE CHART: Stanford at Oregon State

A blow by blow account of Oregon State's 23-6 triumph over Stanford Oct. 27.

First Quarter

Oregon State won the toss and deferred.

Doug Baldwin returns the opening kickoff 24 yards to the STAN27. A sack by Dorian Smith on 2nd and 6 forces third and long and an eventual three and out. Jay Ottovegio shanks the punt out of bounds at the OSU42.

On the Beavers first offensive play of the game Sean Canfield is sacked. Yvenson Bernard rips off an 11 yard gain on second down, Canfield finds Darrell Catchings for a nine yard gain but is not enough resulting in 4th and 1. Alexis Serna punts 29 yards to the STAN20. Patrick Fuller makes a nice tackle.

Beaver defense continues their high level of play forcing three and out after a run for a one yard gain and back to back incomplete passes. Punt fair caught by Taylor Kavanaugh at the OSU28 with 9:46 in the first quarter.

The second series gets off to a bad start with Gabe Miller being called for a false start. Canfield completes passes to Catchings and Croom, a 17-yard gain on 3rd and 8, to give OSU their first first down of the game. On first down James Rodgers takes a fly sweep 51-yards as he stiff arms a defender at the line of scrimmage and weaves his way to the two yard line. On a naked bootleg Canfield finds Croom for his second career touchdown.

Oregon State 7, Stanford 0

The Cardinal take over at their own 19-yard line with 7:05 in the quarter. Tavita Pritchard completes a 9-yard pass to Evan Moore on 2nd and 5 for their first first down of the game. Stanford tries to rush twice gaining zero yards twice. An incomplete pass on third down results in their third punt of the game. Kavanaugh fair catches the punt at the OSU28 although he had plenty of room to run.

OSU takes over with 5:08 left and run four straight running plays, two by Bernard, one by Rodgers for two first downs. A broke fly sweep is sniffed out by Stanford in the backfield as Rodgers pitches the ball to Catchings on an end around, Catchings dances awhile before being tackled for a 12-yard loss. An incomplete pass on second down and a sack on third down results in 4th and 27. Serna punts the ball 44 yards to the STAN15 where Sherman is wrapped by by Gerard Lawson whom he slipped away from earlier in the play. A great play by Lawson.

Jeremy Stewart rushes for one yard to end the quarter.


Second Quarter

The second quarter starts off on the right foot for OSU as Gerard Lee breaks through the line for his first sack of the year. Beavers force 4th and 17 as Ottovegio is forced to punt from inside the Cardinal endzone. He gets off a 50 yard punt which Kavanaugh returns 15 yards to the STAN39.

With 13:23 on the clock the Beavers stick to the ground as Bernard rushes three times for 23 yards and Chris Johnson picks up 11 yards on a bubble screen picking up two first downs. Bernard slips into the endzone on right side of the line on 1st and goal for the team's second and final touchdown of the game.

Oregon State 14, Stanford 0

James Dockery, who had a great special teams game, makes a nice open field tackle on the kickoff bringing down Baldwin at the STAN41. Three plays later the Cardinal is punting again. Kavanaugh fair catches at the OSU37.

Bernard is out of the lineup including right guard Roy Schuening. Matt Sieverson and Gregg Peat take their places in the lineup respectively. Beavs go three and out. Serna punts 43 yards but Sherman returns the ball 22 yards to the STAN37.

Stanford picks up three first downs moving to the OSU34 before the defense shores up. The key play was a personal foul penalty on Alan Darlin on 3rd and 23 as he smacked Pritchard in the face which resulted in an automatic first down and pushed the ball into OSU territory. Derek Belch nails a 44 yard field goal.

Oregon State 14, Stanford 3

Offense stalls again going three and out as Canfield is sacked on second down forcing third and long. Serna punts 41 yards to the STAN35 where Chris Hobbs is promptly tackled by none other than Lawson.

With 1:13 on the clock the Cardinal stick to the aerial attack as they pick up three first downs amidst a Dorian Smith sack. Key plays are a 16-yard completion to Mark Bradford and a 25 yard pass to Sherman. The Cardinal move to the OSU26 with three seconds remaining. Belch connects on a 43-yard field goal to end the first half.

Oregon State 14, Stanford 6


Third Quarter

Rodgers returns the second half kickoff 18 yards to the OSU18. A ticky tack pass interference call on 3rd and 1 give OSU a first down. A 31-yard completion to a diving Anthony Brown on a broken play, an 11 yard completion to Catchings and an 11 yard gain by Sieverson gives the offense three consecutive first downs moving them to the STAN8. But the drive stalls as Canfield is sacked on second and third down. Serna makes a 41-yard field goal with 10:02 left in the quarter.

Oregon State 17, Stanford 6

Joey LaRocque grabs a sac on second down but a 28-yard completion to Evan Moore who made a great play by jumping over Tim Clark for the grab gives Stanford a first down. But defense holds the next three plays. Ottovegio punts 37 yards out of bounds to the OSU19.

A 23-yard completion on first down moves the ball to the OSU42. Clinton Polk enters the game for the first time and runs like he is afraid of getting hit. An incomplete pass on 3rd and 5 results in another punt. Serna punts 48 yards, his second longest of the year, as the ball is downed at the STAN5.

With 5:40 remaining in the quarter Stanford starts with the ball deep in their own territory. They go three and out, but an illegal block in the back with Lawson moves the ball 15 yards back on the punt to the OSU31.

Offense continues to struggle as two incomplete passes stall the drive. Serna punts again, this time for 37 yards to the STAN29. Sherman returns two yards to the STAN31.

A 42 yard completion to Sherman and a 12 yard scramble by Pritchard gives Stanford back to back first downs moving the bal to the OSU15. The Cardinal run twice for five yards, an incomplete pass on third down results in a field goal attempt. Belch lines up for a 27-yard field goal which would make it a one possession game, but Curtis Coker bullies his way up the middle of the line as Derrick Doggett jumps and blocks the kick. Daniel Drayton recovers the ball at the OSU12 with 56 seconds remaining in the third frame.

An 11 yard completion to Brandon Powers, resulting in an OSU first down, ends the third quarter.


Fourth Quarter

Canfield finds Gabe Miller for a 14-yard completion for a first down. A steady dose of Sieverson results in another first down, but a holding penalty on second down and a sack on third down stall the drive. Serna punts 27 yards where Hobbs fair catches it with 11:25 remaining in the game.

On Stanford's first offensive play of the fourth quarter Doggett strips Jeremy Stewart of the ball as Drayton recover the ball at the STAN22.

Beavers stick to the ground giving the ball three straight times to Polk for 13 yards, but an illegal formation penalty proves to be the difference between a new set of downs. Serna connects from 31 yards out with 8:31 on the clock.

Oregon State 20, Stanford 6

Pritchard airs it out down the sidelines on first down as Clark makes a fantastic diving interception, the first of his career, at the OSU24 where he is tackled.

Three straight runs by Sieverson result in a first down. On 3rd and 2 Sieverson can't break through for a first down. Serna punts 30 yards to the STAN27. Fuller with another excellent special teams tackle.

With 4:06 on the clock Pritchard makes back to back completions for a first down. On 3rd and 10 Pritchard throws a pass out to his running back who misses the catch. The pass is ruled a lateral as LaRocque recovers the fumble at the STAN33. The play is challenged, but the ruling on the field stands. A horrible call by the refs although it would have been 4th and 10 at the their own 39 for the Cardinal.

OSU keeps the clock moving with three consecutive carries by Polk resulting in nine yards. Serna hits a 41-yard field goal to seal with game with 1:51 remaining.

Oregon State 23, Stanford 6

In Stanford's final possession of the game Pritchard is sacked by Slade Norris and Victor Butler on second down, but a pass interference call on LaRocque on 4th and 6 gives the Cardinal a new set of downs at their own 29. On the next play Doggett intercepts a wayward pass, his first pick this year, returning it 37 yards to the OSU8 with 53 seconds remaining.

Sieverson rushes two times to end the game.

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