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THE IDEAL college offensive lineman is an athletic player, smart as a whip and tough as dirt. Dominic Galas, an OSU center target, would seem to fit the bill. He came off his sick bed to play one of his best games of the season, and then ended up in the Emergency Room for the night. He has an official visit to Oregon State for the Beavs' next home game, and a new school sits atop his leaderboard.

Oregon State is back on top for Galas.

"Right now Oregon State is at the top, top of the list," said Galas. "I'm going there in two weeks."

Galas, out of sunny Modesto, Calif., will be in Corvallis the weekend of Nov. 10, to watch the Beavs take on the Huskies in a nationally televised night game. Most of his questions have been answered on the Beaver football program, he said, and now it's just a matter of soaking in the Corvallis experience.

"With Oregon State, I really know a lot about it since I've been up there. The biggest disadvantage I think is kind of the weather, it's rainy, but as far as questions go, I know what the facilities are I'm going to see just what the atmosphere is like on game day," he said.

EARLIER THIS MONTH, it was Colorado who had been making a strong push and had forged a lead for the 6-2, 275-pounder with five D-IA offers to his credit. But Galas said contact with the Buffs has been limited since then and OSU's chief competition is coming from Boise State these days.

"I called them (Colorado) five or seven times...I haven't heard back from them in a while. My dad said he was looking at the website and they're looking at another center...It would be between Oregon State and Boise, but Oregon State tops them all right now. That's where I'm leaning towards, Oregon State," said Galas.

Galas said the OSU recruiting love certainly doesn't hurt, but it is the fit that mostly has Oregon State on top.

"From the very get-to, there's been a lot of contact. But it's not even that. A lot of schools have been calling. I've actually been up to Oregon State and I liked it. It's a combination of the setting, and I've always wanted to play in the Pac-10," he said.

BSU CALLED GALAS last night, he said. And he was going to take an official visit there Oct. 14 but something else got in the way.

"I talked to them (Tuesday night), I had a visit planned for when they played Reno...but I had mono the week before. I played last week in the game and then ended up in the Emergency Room after," said Galas.

Despite the illness, Galas played the entire game for Central Catholic High. In other words, 4th Quarter score -- Galas 1, Mono 0.

"I had it, then I felt pretty good, played the fourth quarter, finished the game, then went to the Emergency Room and was there until about seven in the morning," he said.

Galas will be held out of this week's game, the plan being to play the following week. Probably a good thing not to give him the option this week because it sounds like he'd like to buckle the chinstrap up and get in there.

"I feel fine now. I've been kind of lifting, not heavy, but I should be back for the playoffs. So I'll sit out this week and then be back the next week or after that in the playoff," he said.

How did Galas do in the game before heading to the hospital for the night?

"I thought I had a real good game, I thought it was one of my better games. I wasn't 100 percent, obviously, but I thought it was about as good a game as you could play," said Galas.

Galas, the offensive line MVP at a NIKE camp this summer, is also an accomplished wrestler. He stars in the classroom as well and has achieved a qualifying score on the SAT.

Dominic Galas profile and video

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