You Know You're a Beaver Fan if...

Well, it's that time of year when Beaver fans everywhere have to decide whether to stick it out with the team or go on to other, non-football, pursuits. The only year this didn't happen was the Fiesta Bowl year.

Personally, I think that it is way too early to throw in the towel. There are a lot of games left, and there is plenty of time for the Beavers to right the ship. The necessity of having to ponder this annual mid-season crisis is one way of knowing you are a Beaver fan. Here are some other ways:


You know you are a Beaver Fan…

        If you feel really really really sorry for Nick Barnett, Bill Swancutt, and the rest of the defensive unit.

        If you felt like Richard S., Nick B., and the gang had to score in order for the Beavs to win.

        If you would prefer the other team have a 3rd and short or a 3rd and medium rather than a 3rd and long.

        If, after Saturday afternoon, you were kind of mad at Bob Toledo.

        If, after Saturday evening, you were kind of mad at the OSU coaching staff for kind of the same reason.


You know you are a Beaver Fan…

        If your offense's most common play after your defense forces a turnover is a penalty.

        If your offense's second most common play after your defense forces a turnover is a turnover.

        If you are happy because, this time, the receivers dropping a pass or two didn't hurt the team that much.


You know you are a Beaver Fan…

        If breaking the halo rule seems to be part of your team's punt coverage strategy.

        If you can pronounce Yliniemi properly. Kirk did a great job against the Sun Devils. Ryan C. is doing a great job on kickoffs; he is really booming them.

        If your team's punter seems to be peaking his senior year. Carl T. is kicking the ball better each week.

        If you run out of room trying to name all of the special teams kick coverage personnel who had great games Saturday. Chaz Scott, Mike Haas, Aric Williams, Shamon Jamerson, Seth Lacey, Brandon Catenese; the list goes on and on.


You know you are a Beaver Fan…

        If you can explain a "lookout block" to your spouse by pointing at the television.

        If you are wondering if there is a rule against your team running the ball two plays in a row.

        If you are hoarse from yelling, "Look at the clock! Look at the clock! LOOK AT THE CLOCK! LOOK AT THE CLOOOOOCK!!!" at your television.


You know you are a Beaver Fan…

        If you have, for the past two Mondays learned how to smile wistfully and nod your head as your well-meaning friends offer you words of solace.

        If you heard this phrase at work at least 2,000 times the past two Mondays, "What's wrong with the Beavs?"

        If, no matter the situation, given every opportunity to back out, you refuse to call off your annual Civil War bet.

        If you still can't wait for the Cal game. See you there.

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