DRIVE CHART: Oregon State at USC

A blow by blow account of Oregon State's 24-3 loss to #13 USC Nov. 3.

First Quarter

Oregon State wins the toss and defers. Alexis Serna kicks the ball 58 yards out of bounds, USC starts with the ball at their own 35 yard line. A 16-yard completion by John David Booty to Fred Davis gives the Trojans their first first down of the game. Beaver defense forces 4th and 1 on the OSU45, USC goes for it as Chauncey Washington runs for nine yards for the first down. Jeff Van Orsow drags down Joe McKnight for a nine yard loss on first down, two complete passes later for 10 yards it is 4th and 9 at the OSU30. David Buehler misses the 48 yard field goal wide right.

Beavers start with the ball at their own 30 with 10:54 left in the quarter. On their first offensive play of the game James Rodgers takes an end around 39 yards to the USC30. Two incomplete passes and one rush for negative yardage later Serna lines up for the 48 yard field goal but also misses wide right.

USC sticks to the ground as Washington runs three consecutive times for 14 yards and a first down. A 10-yard rush b McKnight and a 11 yard completion to Vidal Hazelton gives USC three straight first downs moving the ball to the OSU34. Beaver defense shores up though as they force back to back incompletions and then tackle McKnight in the backfield for a two yard loss pushing the Trojans out of field goal range. Greg Woidneck punts 36 yards into the endzone.

Beavers start with the ball at their own 20 with 6:25 on the clock. Two incomplete passes and a sack on 3rd and 10 force a punt. Offense has the ball for just 47 seconds. Serna punts 37 yards to the OSU49, McKnight returns the ball 10 yards to the OSU38.

Men in Black on defense continue to play tough as they give up a first down on 3rd and 9 before holding the Trojans to -2 yards in three rushing attempts. Buehler connects from 47 yards out for the first points of the game.

USC 3, Oregon State 0

Gerard Lawson fumbles the kickoff, but recovers the ball at the OSU10. Matt Sieverson rushes for 10 yards and a first down on first down. A sack on 3rd and 4 ends the first quarter. USC had the ball for over 10 minutes in the first quarter.


Second Quarter

Serna puns the ball 38 yards to the USC42, McKnight returns the ball 8 yards but a holding penalty negates the return moving the ball back to the USC40.

Beaver defense comes up big once again as Booty is sacked by Victor Butler on 3rd and 10 as he fumbles the ball. Butler recovers the ball at the USC17.

Clinton Polk enters the ball and picks up a first down on 3rd and 3 moving the ball to the USC4 giving the Beavers first and goal. Polk tries twice to get into the endzone, but can't get in, Serna nails a 22-yard field goal to tie the game with 11:18 in the half.

USC 3, Oregon State 3

Ronald Johnson returns the kickoff 41 yards to the USC46. USC sticks to the air as they pick up three first downs via the pass, including a 23-yard gain to McKnight on 3rd and 4. McKnight plunges in on first and goal for the Trojans first touchdown of the game.

USC 10, Oregon State 3

Lawson returns the kickoff 18 yards to the OSU21. Offense faces 3rd and 4, but an incomplete pass to Darrell Catchings forces a punt. Serna punts 34 yards to the USC39 where it it is downed.

Beaver defense forces their first three and out of the game as back to back incomplete passes on second and third down results in a punt. Woidneck punts 40 yards, Taylor Kavanaugh fair catches it at the USC43.

Now is the time for the Beavers to strike with 6:38 left in the half, but Canfield is sacked on first and third down resulting in another punt. Offense has the ball for just 1:27. Serna punts 39 yards to the OSU47.

A tired defense takes the field. Washington rips off a 19 yard rush and catches a 26-yard pass for a touchdown with 3:38 on the clock.

USC 17, Oregon State 3

Lawson returns the kickoff 7 yards to the OSU26. On the first play of the series Canfield throws his first interception in two games as Terrell Thomas returns it 25 yards to the OSU14.

Booty is sacked on first down by Dorian Smith, but back to back completions to McKnight and Patrick Turner for gains of 11 and 13 yards (good for a touchdown), respectively, give the Trojans their final touchdown of the game.

USC 24, Oregon State 3

Lawson returns the kickoff 33 yards to the OSU37. A five yard completion to Anthony Brown on 3rd and 10 results in a another punt. Offense has the ball for just 55 seconds. Serna punts 40 yards to the USC18 out of bounds.

USC rushes twice to end the half.


Third Quarter

Lawson gets another nice return for 30 yards moving to the OSU41. Back to back runs by Sieverson for 9 and 2 yards results in a first down, but three straight incomplete passes forces a punt. Serna gets off another good punt, this time for 43 yards where it is down at the USC5.

Defense gives up an 11-yard gain to Washington on first down, but stops USC three straight times for force the punt. Woidneck punts 46 yards to the OSU29

Canfield finds Catchings for a 19-yard gain on first down. Canfield is sacked on first down and fumbles the ball, but it is recovered by Adam Speer. On 3rd and 14, Canfield completes a 12-yard pass to Brown moving the ball to the USC44. The Beavers are going to go for it on 4th and 2, but Speer is whistled for a false start. Serna punts 43 yards to the USC10 where McKnight is tackled.

Oregon State defense continues to play at a high level as they force USC to go three and out. Woidneck punts the ball to the OSU43 with 7:07 in the quarter.

Polk rips off a 10-yard run for a first down. On 3rd and 7 Canfield hits Howard Croom for a 10-yard gain and a personal foul moves the ball to the USC12. Beavers move the ball to the USC4 on a completion to Brandon Powers forcing 4th and 2. Riley decides to go for hit, Canfield is sacked.

Defense forces their second straight three and out on a three yard rush and back to back incomplete passes. Woidneck punts 33 yards to the USC42.

USC defense forces a three and out of their own as they sack Canfield on second and third down. Serna punts 48 yards for a touchback.

Beaver defense forces USC to go three and out again to end the quarter.


Fourth Quarter

Woidneck punts 34 yards to the OSU39.

Polk rushes three times for nine yards making it 4th and 1. Austin Hall carries the ball on 4th and 1 one yard for the first down. Drive is stalled at the USC45 as Canfield is sacked on 3rd and 4. Serna punts 32 yards to the USC21, Desmond Reed returns the pigskin 5 yards to the USC26.

A 13-yard gain by McKnight and a 18 run by Stafon Johnson gives USC two first downs and moves the ball to the OSU42, but defense shores up forcing two incomplete passes. Woidneck punts 28 yards where Kavanaugh fair catches it at the OSU13.

In OSU's final drive of the game Canfield runs for a season long 18-yards on 3rd and 10 to pick up a first down but is knocked out of the game. Canfield is hurt and Moevao enters the game. A 17-yard run by Polk gives OSU another first down and moves the ball into USC territory at the 35 yard line. Moevao zips three straight incomplete passes with 3:04 left in the game.

Mark Sanchez enters the game and completes a 30-yard pass to Vidal Hazelton on 3rd and 8 to keep the drive alive. USC rushes twice to run out the clock.

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