A win is a win

After sweating out the final 2 minutes and 37 seconds following Yvenson Bernard's "fumble" at the 1-yard line, the Beavers came away with a 29-23 victory against Washington Saturday, Nov. 10 and are now bowl-eligble.

The OSU football team and Beaver Nation should not have had to sweat the final couple of minutes as the men in the striped shirts almost cost us one. It is forgivable to miss a call on the field – we’re all human, we all make mistakes. What is not forgivable, well, maybe a little since Oregon State did win, is that the replay official did not do his job and call for a review of Bernard’s run late in the game.

Why is instant replay even in place if they aren’t going to use it on a play like that?

Of course I was at the game and often times it is much easier to see plays like that Bernard “fumble” on television, however, I talked to a friend of mine after the game – he said he didn’t feel it was a touchdown, but Bernard was definitely down at the 1-yard line.

I trust this person’s judgment and everything I saw points to the same thing. OSU should have had the ball second-and-goal at the 1, at the very least. Instead, Washington’s Roy Lewis scooped up the ball at returned it to the Washington 38-yard line.

From there, the defense bent a little, but didn’t break, preserving the win.

I’m not sure if everyone noticed or not, but for those who didn’t see it, Washington quarterback Jake Locker, who sustained what looked to be a very serious injury in the first half, came onto the field late in the fourth quarter. Many Beaver fans – including yours truly – gave him a standing ovation.

When an injury like the one he suffered takes place, it kind of puts things in perspective. As much as some of us love sports, and love this great game called football – the fact remains, it is just a game. I want to wish a speedy recovery to Jake and I hope everything turns out okay.

As for the game, Beaver kicker Alexis Serna was MONEY. Five-for-five on field goal attempts, making him 18-for-18 in his career against the Huskies… I can’t imagine how much they must hate him (I mean this in a very much in tongue-in-cheek way).

What was with so many of our guys getting thrown out? It seemed to me like UW was the team that was making a lot of “cheap” plays out there. I guess our guys just need to have more discipline to not react in those situations.

Props to Lyle Moevao for a solid performance. He certainly didn’t blow me away with anything he did, but he was productive completing 10-for-22, for 109 yards, one touchdown and one interception. The block he laid to de-cleat Washington’s Greyson Gunheim on a reverse to James Rodgers was quite possibly the play of the game and one of the best hits I have seen all season.

Despite ending up with negative yards on the ground due to three sacks for a combined 26 yards lost – I was impressed with the way Moevao ran the ball. I like the quarterback draw with him. I do think next year – hopefully neither player will move on – Canfield should start, but Moevao should be used in situation, much the way Florida quarter Tim Tebow was used as a freshman. That would give defenses another thing to prepare for and I’m sure the coaching staff would be able to come up with some wrinkles to make that work.

I was glad to see Rodgers get as many touches as he did – eight carries for 85 yards. Earlier I mentioned using Moevao in certain situations – I think we should have a package with Rodgers lined up in shotgun and run him from that position.

Although he didn’t officially get in the end zone during his last game at Reser Stadium, it was great to see Yvenson Bernard go out with another huge game with season highs in carries (36) and yards (149). This was the sixth time this season Bernard has cracked the century mark – four of which came in home games.

Thank you to all of the seniors who have suited up and played for the Beavers – you will be missed.


Jake Schubert is a new/old contributor to BeaverFootball.com. He writes for the Newport News-Times in Newport, Oregon and can be reached at sports@newportnewstimes.com. Jake has been to every home football at OSU for eight consecutive years and he is looking to make it nine this year.

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