WGW: All over the board

Bleeda was on hiatus last week on a visit to Montefortino, Italy to visit the birthplace of great grandfather Luigi. Montefortino is located northeast of Rome, and is characterized by a mountainous, rocky terrain. Ok, geography lesson over.

When the house is not in order it's always vital to go back to your roots.  A little history lesson - Bleeda was middle named Mario after his great uncle, while his little brother was handed down the middle name of grandfather Emidio and the first name of my great great grandfather Gino. Ok, yeah, ya get the point!

I'm fuc$%%ing Italian and I got bad English.

Bleeda stubbed his toe two weeks ago as the season record is now 17-19 and the bankroll is down to $6600.

This week it's all about small straight up plays and goofy proposition bets. Bleeda will be releasing his 58 star play next week on the USC at ASU game. So stay tuned for that and tuck away some greenbacks cause we gonna be dancing in da streets 11/24/07.

Now, let's move on to more important matters.

It's time to talk BCS scenarios. There are six teams still in the mix. LSU, Oregon, Kansas, Oklahoma, Missouri, and my preseason favorite West Virginia all have a chance to take the BCS National Championship crown. Only one Big12 team can mathematically make it and Bleeda bleeds day will. Ironically, there are 12 possible matchups. They are the following:

LSU vs. Oregon. LSU an Oregon win out & pollsters clueless or B12 beatupfest.

LSU vs. Kansas. LSU wins out and Kansas wins out. Oregon gets screwed.

LSU vs. Oklahoma. LSU wins out and Oklahoma wins out. Oregon may have to lose.

LSU vs. Missouri. LSU wins out and Missouri wins out. Oregon may have to lose.

LSU vs. West Virginia. LSU and WV win out. UO, OU, Kansas, and Missouri all lose.

Oregon vs. Kansas. Oregon and Kansas win out and LSU loses. "Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk!"

Oregon vs. Oklahoma. Oregon and Oklahoma win out and LSU loses. Rematch!

Oregon vs. Missouri. Oregon and Missouri win out and LSU loses. OSU beat Missouri!

Oregon vs. West Virginia. UO and WV win out. LSU and B12 beatupfest. Not likely.

West Virginia vs. Kansas. WV and Kansas wins out. LSU and UO lose. Hmmmmmm?

West Virginia vs. Big Fat Momma Oklahoma. WV and OU win out. LSU and UO lose.

West Virginia vs. Missouri. WV and Missouri win out. LSU & UO lose. Won't happen.

Are we confused yet? Shouldn't be, it has been simplified. Now, it's time for the games.

#5 West Virginia at #21 Cincinnati +6.5.  Nati' took UCONN out like the trash last week and now they get to play the Mountaineers at home. Love Pat White and Steve Slanton, but love almost a touchdown for the Bearcats in this spot.

WV is first in the Big East in scoring, averaging 40.4 points, while Cincinnati is second with 36.6 points per game. Looks to be a fun game to watch as Nati' displays their no huddle spread offense.

Beavers still have that bitter taste.

Think Cats this week. $110 to win $100. If you want insurance buy ½ pt for $10.

#22 Kentucky at #8 Georgia -8. Tucky shot its' wad against LSU and Georgia is licking its' lips for a chance to play those Tigers in the SEC Championship. The Bulldogs are playing well now.

From coast to coast the Woodburn Bulldogs are the most! Uh, I mean Georgia.

$220 wins this former Bulldog two Benji's.

Iowa State +26 at #3 Kansas. Just got off the phone with my Iowa peeps and they say take those 26 points.

Bleeda loves Kansas and will be officially jumping on the bandwagon and purchasing a lid today, but this is another one of those that smells like a trap game.

The trap lingo is so cliché this year, but hell it's fun to say - trap, trap, trap. No, just a backdoor cover. $

110 winnah, winnah, chicken dinnah for $100.

In gambling a proposition bet (also called a prop bet, prop, or exotic) is a bet made on an outcome or proposition. Did you know that Thomas Austin "Amarillo Slim" Preston wrote about some of the most famous prop bets in history in his 2003 book, Amarillo Slim in a World Full of Fat People?

Anyhow, longest touchdown +59.5 in the Oregon at Arizona game tonight on ESPN. Of course for entertainment purposes only because prop bets are sucker bets. Let's just go on the notion that Jonathan Stewart and Dennis Dixon are freaks of nature and we college football fans love to watch the big play.

Juice gets us for another $5. $115 to win $100 on the long touchdown.

Bleeda must quit his ramblings now and check that $95 Million Powerball ticket. $1 blackjack and 25 cent craps in Sparks, Nevada rules! You can Bleed Dat!


Beaver Believers, bleeders, and befuddled feel free to contact the resident wiseguy at Beavableeda@beaverfootball.com.

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