QUOTES: The 111th Civil War

Selected quotes from Mike Riley, Lyle Moevao, Matt Sieverson and Jeff Van Orsow after Oregon State's 38-31 victory over Oregon Dec. 1.

Head Coach Mike Riley:

On the game:
“I’m just so proud of these guys; they never quit. This game was just a microcosm of our season. The ducks never gave up either. It was just a great football game and both teams never gave up.”

“Oregon is a great football team so this is a good win for our team. It’s always a just a great rivalry game and so much emotion is built up all year that they just come out here and give it all they have.”

“We let them get too much momentum going into half time and that’s very dangerous to do that. It was very quite in the locker room at half time but I like the way we responded.”

“Our team doesn’t blink because we have good senior leadership and that’s big time character of this team.”

On Serna’s blocked field goal attempt:

“We were absolutely confident in [Alexis] Serna but we put him in a bad situation. That was the first time we’ve had a kick blocked like that in a long time.”

On the last play called:

“We wanted to run the reverse or the fly sweep, we knew it had to be a big play but I didn’t know it was going to be our first play.”


#3 QB Lyle Moevao

“This win feels good. We knew it was going to be tough coming in, but we knew that if we played hard we could come out with a win.”

“I’ve been thinking about this game since the beginning of the season. I knew I had to prepare for all of the games that we had coming up this season, especially this one.”

“The offensive line did an amazing job. They always do.”

“Sieverson did a great job. He knew the role he was in and we knew that he could get the job done, that’s why we put him there.”


#37 RB Matthew Sieverson

“This is a dream come true. Coming from Oregon, this is definitely one of the best days. For myself and my family, I could not ask for more.”

“Since I was born and raised in Bend, Oregon, the Civil War has been a big thing in my life every year. This is the one for me.”

“I am extremely happy. This game really makes my college career, and this is the game you want for your best game. It’s really something special; I can’t put it into words.”


#49 DL Jeff Van Orsow

“We knew we had to win this one for even the possibility of going to a bowl game. Now, it’s out of our hands and we will be happy with wherever we go.”

“We knew that this wasn’t going to be easy. Roper (Oregon QB #11) came in and did a great job, he has a bright future. But we pulled out the win and we are thankful for it.”

“We have finished strong for two years. Especially winning here at Autzen, it’s an emotional high.”

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