IN DEPTH: OSU in on 4-star, No. 10 ranked QB?

HIGHLY RATED QUARTERBACK PROSPECTS aren't usually available at this time of year -- they generally make their verbal commitment earliest out of all the positions. But the No. 10 ranked prep QB in the country, a player Oregon State courted earlier this spring and summer, is back on the board. Where does he stand in regards to OSU? An in-depth interview with Scottsdale's Sean Renfree.

Sean Renfree (6-2.5, 205, 4.5), having de-committing from Georgia Tech in December, has a new final four with February's Signing Day fast approaching.

"Oregon State, ASU, Boise State and Duke," said Renfree, out of Notre Dame Preparatory. "Of those, I'm taking a visit to Duke and Boise. I've already taken two unofficial visits to Oregon State and been to ASU a bunch of times so I didn't figure there was too much of a point in visiting those schools again."

Later, Renfree said he could wind up changing his mind on that last part and indeed take an official trip to either OSU or ASU. If that ends up being the case, it could also bode well for one of those two schools since recruits often come away from official visits with their expectations exceeded, and regardless of any unofficial trips taking place beforehand.

"Duke is this upcoming weekend, Boise is on the 18th, and I'm not sure who is going to be that last week. It depends on if anyone else comes in or if I do end up wanting to take an official to ASU or Oregon State," said Renfree.

THE HEAD COACHES of the four schools have all been involved in Renfree's recruitment since he de-committed from Tech, including OSU's Mike Riley.

"I've got to talk a whole lot with coach Riley and coach (Dennis) Erickson because they were the first schools to recruit me," said Renfree. "But I'm looking forward to meeting coach Peterson, I've never met him before. And recently I've been talking a lot to coach Cutcliffe, he was kind of recruiting me when he was at Tennessee. Ever since he offered me at Duke, he's been talking to me more and more.

"But there isn't any specific coach that sticks out there more than the other, they're all great guys."

Asked if there was a school standing out, Renfree said there wasn't -- but he did give high marks to ASU.

"There's not one place I'm leaning towards," said Renfree. "ASU, they're not exactly leading, but I have a good relationship with all those coaches because they're so close and I've been there a bunch of times over the summer. They were my second choice behind Georgia Tech when I committed..but I wouldn't say any school has any advantage right now.

"And if other schools came in -- obviously it's pretty late and schools have their commits -- but if other schools came in I'm still open to other schools."

ASKED WHAT WILL be most important to him in making his decision, Renfree mentioned a few times the main emphasis would be on the coaches. He also hopes to get a feel for what campus life would be like on his two remaining trips and to talk to the current players to get their take on things.

"A big part of it will be the coaching staff," he said. "Obviously, Duke kind of has the upper hand as far as education. But just the football program and the coaches will (be important) as will talking with the players.

"I wouldn't say anyone is recruiting me harder than anyone else, when they were limited they all got their phone calls in. When I was initially committed, ASU was the only school to really stay on me, and ever since I de-committed they've been on me pretty hard. But I wouldn't say that there's one school recruiting me hardest."

"I just want to try and get a feel for who I think I'll work best with."

AN IDEAL position coach, said Renfree, would be someone who lives, breathes and eats quarterbacking.

"Someone who works extremely hard, someone who is a workaholic and who is always working with their quarterback. Someone who is friendly, has been in the game a long time and who really knows what they're talking about," said Renfree.

Danny Langsdorf is Oregon State's offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach.

"I liked him a lot. He's a really nice guy. He knows the offense real well and he runs that system that they do there real well. He's come up to my school in the past and he obviously has a lot of interest in me. He's a great coach. And all of them are at those four schools," said Renfree.

OF HIS FINAL FOUR, Renfree said he didn't feel any one of the school's offenses was more attractive than another's and that the system would not as big a consideration.

"Each one of these schools run a pro style offense, they all throw a lot," said Renfree.

Renfree said Cutcliffe and Peterson have made tentative plans for in-home visits later this month when the recruiting calendar turns the page into the contact period. He also said he's leaning towards not making his decision until the final days before the Feb. 6 Signing Day.

"I'm planning on February, in that first week...I definitely kind of want to sit on it and have a really good feel on where I'm going," said Renfree.

Sean Renfree profile and video

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