'Shocked' Giles dismissed from team by Mouton

THERE ARE UPS AND DOWNS players and coaches go through, happens all the time. So it didn't cause all that great a stir when an Oregon newspaper columnist reported Giles and then coach Jay John last week seemed to be having a disagreement following the loss to WSU. But there was obviously more to it and on Monday, new interim head man Kevin Mouton dismissed Giles from the team.

One day after the school fired John, Beavers interim coach Kevin Mouton told the media on Monday that C.J. Giles had been dismissed.

"...it wasn't a discipline thing or any rule he had recently broken or anything like that. We just felt it was time for us to make a move and go from there," said Mouton.

And so after just 10 games in a Beaver uniform, Giles OSU career was over.

The move shocked Giles, a 6-foot-11, 240-pound redshirt junior center originally out of Seattle's Rainier Beach High.

Giles had been suspended for one game earlier this season, at Arizona, for reportedly missing one practice and showing up late for another. He then was reported to have had words with Mouton before a practice for the Arizona State game.

The center read a statement over the phone to a Seattle newspaper on Monday evening. He said he was called into a meeting Monday with A.D. Bob DeCarolis and Mouton and told that "they wanted a fresh, new start and I would not be returning on the team."

Giles said when he pressed DeCarolis and Mouton on reasons, he found none and was told it was nothing specific and that "I would be OK because I was going on to bigger and better things."

Indications were that academics were not the issue.

"In the past here I have not been perfect, but I have tried really hard and I have gotten things together academically," Giles said in his statement. "I have also accepted responsibility when things have not been perfect. This came as a shock to me as no one had addressed this with me or let me know that I had done something that would cause me to be released from the team. ... I would just hope that with a new interim head coach that clear expectations would have been set and I would have been given a chance to meet those expectations."

Tensions had reportedly risen on the Washington state road trip according to the Oregonian's John Canzano. The columnist wrote after the loss to the Cougars this past Thursday, John went around the locker room, telling his players to keep their heads up, shook hands with each of them and offered words of encouragement to each player.

When he reached C.J. Giles, however, Canzano said Giles looked away and didn't accept the outstretched hand. John reportedly patted Giles on the knee and moved on.

It is the second program dismissal for Giles.

He enrolled at OSU last January after transferring from Kansas, where he was dismissed after several legal run-ins. After becoming eligible Dec. 8, Giles played 10 games, and started six. But he fouled out of six of those games. He was also suspended.

His last game with the Beavers came Saturday at Washington. He fouled out after being whistled for a technical foul down the stretch following a brief altercation with the Huskies' Jon Brockman, who was also T'd up. Replays appeared to show that Brockman, prone on the floor, may have started to kick out at Giles, who then responded. Both players, however, stopped quickly and officials then moved in.

Giles averaged 6.3 points, 5.6 rebounds and 18.1 minutes this season for the Beavs in his brief 10-game stay.

Giles, who said he did not want to take further questions from the newspaper, did say he would stay at OSU to finish the academic year.

Pending some sort of appeal, as a fourth-year junior who would now have to sit out a year after a transfer, Giles would not be eligible to play D-IA next season. His basketball options would then appear to be either to try and turn pro or play at a lower level.

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