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The '42 Rose Bowl team, a train wreck, and The Toe bringing the pain...

  • Train Wreck.
    The annoucement that a car must move or it will be plowed by a train. This annoucement, of course, prompted the comment from one of my Beaver friends, "Wouldn't it be great if five minutes later the stadium announcer said, 'Never mind, the train took care of moving the care.'" True...

  • 1942 Rose Bowl Team.
    The 1942 Rose Bowl team was in attendance on Saturday. The '42 Rose Bowl team is the only Oregon State football team to win the Rose Bowl and the only team ever to win the Rose Bowl on the east coast.

  • Sit Down!
    I hate to write this, but I have to mention the guy sitting behind us that kept yelling at all the people to sit down. The whole section was standing up, except for this guy, yet he insisted to keep yelling, "You can sit down! Sit down!" I wish this guy would just leave, if you don't want to stand, don't come to the game or move to a different section where they sit on their hands during the game.

  • The Toe bringing the pain.
    I also hate to put this one down, but I cannot help but mention "the indicident." The Toe, Tod the basketball god, and myself were throwing around the football after the Beaver victory. We were feeling spry and needed to expend some extra energy. After the game anybody can go on the field. It is pandamonium on the field after the game with hundreds of kids running around, footballs flying through the air, and people standing around waiting for the post game show.

    Part of the fun is finding a hole in the droves of people and running a pattern to that hole without running into someone or being run into. We were playing in the south endzone when the incident occured. The secret of not running into people is to run at about 60% of full speed. I was the quarterback, The Toe was defending and the basketball god was the receiver. Todd made a crossing pattern through the endzone, I hung the ball up thinking it was an easy TD. But, the Toe saw pick 6 and came flying out of nowhere to pick the ball.

    What the Toe did not realize was that he leveled a 4-year old kid in the process. After he was done celebrating his pick, he realized what he had done. After apologizing to the kid and lady, we decided it was best to leave.

    What the Toe doesn't want you to know is that after knocking down the kid he preceeded to dance around the kid saying, "Who's Your Big Daddy?!"....just kidding....Go Beavs!!

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