DE w/Beaver offer in Corvallis this weekend

THE LAND OF 10,000 LAKES isn't generally a recruiting hotbed for the black and orange. But a Midwest defensive end holds an early scholarship offer from the Beavers. And talking with the OSU coaches about the Beaver defense has him fired up, so much so that the 6-4, 220-pounder will travel to the Willamette Valley this weekend to take in the OSU experience.

Matt Garin (6.4, 220, 4.6) will visit both Oregon State and Washington State over the weekend.

He said he's been hearing nothing but good things from the Beaver staff.

"The same thing goes for (Oregon State), I really liked the coach I talked to, they talked about the type of defense they have and that got me fired up. They were also talking about the state -- I really like the outdoors and they've said Oregon has some great outdoors.," said Garin.

Coaches can't place a call to recruits right now but Garin said Washington State's recruiting efforts are nevertheless off the charts.

"Every coach sends me handwritten letters, that makes you feel really good," said Garin. "It's crazy, how much time they've put into those letters. I just got handwritten letters from them two days ago."

And while coaches can't phone recruits until later in the year, prospects can initiate a phone call to coaches anytime without restriction and Garin has done just that. During one of the recent phone conversations he's had with WSU, Garin set up this weekend's unofficial visit to Pullman.

"I've talked to more than one of their coaches, they're great guys out there -- very enthusiastic...they're really pursuing me well and it's been all good things from them," said Garin.

OTHER SCHOOLS showing Garin the recruiting love are numerous, and any of the following he said could possibly offer in the near future: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Oklahoma, Purdue, Stanford, Colorado.

"It has to be if they have a good Business program, the school I'll be going to. Chemistry with coaches and players (is important). They can be a big-time school but if they don't have the chemistry, I'm not going to go."

Garin doesn't have a OSU or WSU connection, he said the offers came about simply because he sent his tape to schools out West. He also said distance will not be a factor and that he could see himself playing college ball to the Northwest as easily as he could Minnesota or Iowa. His mother works for an airline.

"I can fly for free and I really don't see the difference between...driving for a few hours or flying for a few hours," said Garin.

THE BOOK ON GARIN is one of a speed rusher with a non-stop motor.

"I think I'm aggressive. I go 100 percent every play. The coaches that have offered me have told me they can tell I have a love for the game," said Garin.

Also a lacrosse player, Garin said the full-contact sport is very beneficial to his football development.

"It's definitely (helpful) with footwork, aggressiveness and keeping everything under your hips."

Oregon State and others like him as a defensive end while Air Force is recruiting him as an outside linebacker.

"I really want to get out to Air Force too. But with lacrosse I have games a week so it's really tough," said Garin.

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