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Doves, basketball, and Webmaster Dan brings the pain this week.

Doves at the pregame show and the "moment of silence."
Before the beginning of the Arizona game, Oregon State had a moment of silence for the victims of the shooting at the University of Arizona. But the moment of silence was not silent, at least not in our section. Most were obliviously to announcement and kept talking.

Doves were also released before the start of the game. Just after the release, while the birds were still in the air, the athletic department fired the touchdown cannon. The timing was impeccable. The whole moment of silence part of the day was not planned very well. If they are going to have a moment of silence they should do it when they have everybody's attention.

Oregon State Basketball Scrimmage.
The Oregon State men's basketball team scrimmaged Saturday morning. It was my first chance to see Lamar Hurd in action. He looks like he could be an All-Pac-10 player in the future. He is scrawny right now, but he is quick and looks comfortable handling the ball. J.S. Nash and Philip Ricci also looked good during the scrimmage.

PG Lamar Hurd PG Jimmie Haywood PF Philip Ricci
Lamar Hurd (#1), Jimmie Haywood (#34), and Philip Ricci (#31)

College football virginity.
The Toe and I brought two of our friends to their first college football game. They ate five more hot dogs than they should have, were obnoxious with the megaphones, wore bright orange, and partook in the victory cider...they fit in perfectly.

Webmaster Dan and "the incident" (part 2).
Regrettably, I have to inform you of another incident. Once again, we were down on the field playing three on three football after the game. The Toe, Ryan, and I had the ball at the 40 yard line. Ryan and I decided to go for the gold and air it out. I went about seven yards out and faked like I was going to curl. The cornerback froze, Ryan aired out the ball, and the only thing I had to do was run under the ball and catch it. As I was sprinting towards the endzone with my eyes on the ball and thinking about what endzone dance I was going to do, I felt something hit my leg. To my surprise I had laid out a 4-year old kid. Immediately I thought, "Dang it, now I can't make fun of the Toe anymore!" I quickly apologized and and ran back to the huddle were Ryan compassionately said, "You know, the worst thing about it was it was going to be a beautiful touchdown!"

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