Sooners Move in Top 25 Recruiting

LSU is still hanging on to the number one ranking in Top 25 Team Recruiting Rankings but Oklahoma made a BIG jump from number nine to number two this week. Next week, the poll will come out on Wednesday.

Click on the link below to see this week's version of Top 25 Team Recruiting Rankings. Here is some news and notes of what has transpired in the last seven days.

Oklahoma has made a surge up the recruiting rankings. Last week, the Sooners checked in at number nine. This week, they moved up seven spots to number two, with verbal commitments from Steven Coleman (DT), Willie Roberts (TE) and Akim Millington (OL). South Carolina also made a big jump from number eleven to number six.

Other big commitments of the week were Drean Rucker (LB) to Southern Cal and JUCO Marcus Lawrence (LB) to South Carolina.

Also, upon further review, Florida State, Texas Tech, Missouri and Baylor found their way into the Top 25 while Wisconsin, Iowa, Pittsburgh and Illinois dropped out of the top 25. They, along with one of the surprise recruiting teams this season, Vanderbilt, narrowly missed the Top 25.

If you break it all down among the 25 best recruiting classes right now, the Big 12 is dominating, with eight teams in the Top 25. The SEC checks in with six teams, while the ACC has three teams, the PAC 10 two, the Big East two and the Big 10 two. Remember, there is a long way to go and lots of shuffling to be done.

Good luck to your favorite team in the recruiting wars! Top 25 Recruiting Classes

Note - We have also added a few wrinkles to each team such as average star rankings, average prospect rank of commitment, the headliner commit thus far and the "big fish on the hook." The later represents the biggest name prospect out there that that team has a good chance of signing. Obviously, with three months until Signing Day, the numbers and names will change. Junior College commitments will be included and so will some soft commitments. The definition of a soft commitment is a prospect publicly committing to a school but openly considering others. If we feel secure that he will honor the commitment, despite taking trips, we will include them with that team's commitment list. This is part of the subjective rankings. There is a key of definitions below the Top 25 table.

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