Beavs first to offer Northwest hoss

OREGON STATE IS FIRST TO OFFER a prep offensive lineman prospect out of the Pacific Northwest, and one who took an unofficial visit to Corvallis recently. What two schools are highest up on his very early list, which school's coaches has he formed a particularly strong connection with and what's his decision timetable looking like? Answers within.

Grant Enger is fast becoming familiar with Oregon State and he likes what he's seen. He took in the sights and sounds of a spring practice at OSU recently and came away with his first college offer.

"I talked to all their coaches down there and then I called them on the phone a couple times," said Enger. "It came off as a great place to be, that's what it seemed like to me."

Danny Langsdorf is the area recruiting coach and he, o-line coach Mike Cavanaugh and Mike Riley have all made a connection with Enger.

"Coach Langsdorf is a great guy...I really like the guys at Oregon State, coach Riley and coach Cavanaugh. They came off to me as genuine, good people," said Enger.

ENGER WEIGHS 245 pounds nearing the end of his junior year but with a 6-foot-6 frame, he has plenty of room to pack on bulk in a college strength program. And it's quite a bit easier easier to add good weight than it is to add athleticism and footspeed, something Enger looks to have in sufficient quantities.

"They (Oregon State) said they like my feet, and also how I get downfield," said Enger.

IT'S EARLY AND things can and do change rapidly in the recruiting game. That said, OSU, Oregon and Washington State have caught his eye.

"I think Oregon and Oregon State are at the top and then WSU," said Enger. "Then (other schools of interest) I'd say, Arizona State, Cal, Stanford, Hawaii.

"Oregon is kind of like the opposite (to OSU in some ways), they're not very far apart but it's a big change. I like them both, though. They've got a great team and great facilities down there...(WSU) seems like a great school. I liked how the entire place was built around the school."

ENGER, OUT OF perennial power O'Dea High in Seattle, has unofficially visited Oregon State, Oregon, WSU and Idaho and may try to hit some of the California schools in the future. A return trip to Corvallis might also be in the cards in late June.

But summer camp plans will be firmed a little further down the road, and a verbal decision might not be too long after that.

"I'm going to try and be finished with all this stuff before the senior season so I can just focus on O'Dea football," said Enger. "...I'm going to try and get to the Oregon State camp but I have to make sure it fits around my O'Dea camp (at Eastern Washington)."

Enger, who said he's looking for a family environment, was named first team all league defensive line this past season but OSU and others like him as an offensive lineman at the next level.

Grant Enger

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